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Airdate:  July 18, 2013

Mahan Rishi Singh Khalsa is a Doctor of Chiropractic and a Kundalini yoga teacher who is co-founder of The Khalsa Healing Arts and Yoga Center in Yardley, PA. He also leads life-changing journeys to India, and joins Ramdesh on this podcast to talk about his inspiring path.

Soon to set out once again on “Journey to India: Meditation and Photography; Taking a Deeper Look”  (Oct. 24-Nov. 17) Mahan Rishi has a “gentle and kind heart,” and is a tremendously charismatic teacher. What motivates him as he teaches and travels?  “Honoring spirit, honoring the enthusiasm, the spark of aliveness; in many ways that is what inspires me with all of this work…to maintain and to cultivate a perpetual state of aliveness inside of myself and to share that with as many people as possible.” As we honor “our soulfulness, our heartfulness, and our true being “ he explains, “we are fully alive.” Mahan Rishi made the choice to honor this spark years ago as a teenager (btw, he was an early student of Yogi Bhajan), and has always been devoted to wandering, adventure, and spirit.

As a teacher, healer, herbal nutritionist, and practitioner of crystal therapy and Reiki, Mahan Rishi has studied with many masters. How did he come to study and learn so deeply? He was led by “a flow of spirit, a flow of life, destiny, and choices. We all arrive where we are due to our choices,” he observes, “I trusted myself, and that made all the difference.” Rather than ignoring or suppressing his intuition, Mahan Rishi let the sparks become his compass.

Explore crystal sound therapy with Ashana’s singing bowl music. Perfect for Reiki!

This remarkable teacher has been leading spiritual journeys for well over 25 years. His first trip was when he was five years old—he went on his own little “walk about.” Always comfortable in nature, in l973 he hitchhiked from New Jersey to Alaska-–this early pilgrimage set him on a path of accepting and allowing his inner voice. “There was this amazing feeling of enthusiasm and aliveness” that came out of this journey, and he felt the incredible blessing of life. That was the beginning and he has never stopped traveling since!

“I’ve found that travel really provides the opportunity for personal transformation,” Mahan Rishi says. “In foreign places we experience culture and belief systems that are totally different, and in addition to observing we are transformed, and we realize that there are many ways to live this life…It’s important for us to get out of our environments and go on journeys because of what this opens up for us inwardly.” India, in particular, is so radically different and there is so much to see and learn. “Your eyes can’t help but be wide open,” he says.  In the west we often spend so much time creating comfort and insulating ourselves from the newness, vastness and unpredictably of life. In India, he notes, one can’t help but really open up and discover. Travel, he believes, is one of the greatest spiritual paths.

You’ll hear about some amazing experiences that Mahan Rishi has had while on the road in India. “There are magical moments,” he observes, “that pop up constantly.”

Snatam’s beautiful album “Ras”!

You’ll also hear “Mere Ram” from Ras by Snatam Kaur, a live version and a lovely piece recorded on a journey to California’s redwood forests: a perfect choice to accompany this podcast.

The upcoming trip will also have a strong photography component (Dr. Rishi is a gifted photographer as well as a healer and teacher). Why photography? It helps us to really pause, see, and take a closer look. “Because the mind is so fleeting…we tend to see things on a very superficial level,” Mahan Rishi explains. “Photography has allowed me to stop my inner world and really look and see.” With photography, you will also connect to the Aquarian sutra “Recognize that the other person is you.” Photography is a way to honor and connect with others in a deeper and more universal way, he explains.

Mahan Rishi also has a new DVD coming out soon, so be sure to “take a class “ with this extraordinary teacher either on the DVD or at Sat Nam Fest East in Waynesboro, PA in September. Find out more about “Journey to India: Meditation and Photography” at www.sacredjourneysphotography.com; the group will be visiting many sacred sights and learning about various spiritual traditions. Get ready to enrich your life and connect with the magical as you journey far, far away, and deep into the depths of your soul.


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