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Airdate: January 30, 2014

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Extraordinary Kundalini yoga teacher Dr. Mahan Rishi Singh Khalsa joins Ramdesh on this informative show about how to live a healthy life. Mahan Rishi, who operates a health and wellness facility and yoga center in Yardley, Pennsylvania, shares his extensive knowledge about how to keep body and spirit vibrant and running smoothly.

What are some of the most important aspects of keeping your health solid?  Yoga and meditation are key, of course! Good nutrition is also essential. Even yogis suffer from inflammation in the body, which can be alleviated by eliminating certain foods. Mahan Rishi recommends a pure, satvic diet, and staying away from sugar. As a teen Mahan Rishi often suffered from bronchitis and headaches; when he gave up sugar his health improved dramatically. Even a very small amount of added sugar can have negative effects; in the season of overindulgence (aka the holidays) sugar spikes can be particularly high. This inhibits the immune system and before we know it many folks are succumbing to colds and flu.

Gluten is also a problem and creates inflammation in the body. As people begin to cleanse and eliminate these toxins the inflammation decreases, Mahan Rishi notes. Many people work out, but continue to eat wheat, dairy, and sugar. Following a more alkaline, sattvic diet is important. Coffee is also a stressor on the adrenals and agitates the body to be overly acidic. “Every little thing that we can do in terms of living more sattvic and pure in our diet is going to increase our vitality and decrease those conditions of inflammation and degeneration,” Mahan Rishi observes.

Try a month with no sugar, he suggests. You may be surprised at how much better you feel! Sugar creates more sugar cravings—and the system is much more balanced without it.

Our society, Mahan Rishi points out, drives people toward overindulgence in many ways—food, electronics, etc. He recommends you drop one food (try wheat, dairy, coffee, or nightshades), and this will motivate you to find other possibilities. There are lots of great food options available that are healthier for your body. How you nourish yourself physically also mirrors how you nourish yourself spiritually, Ramdesh adds.

What can people add into their diets? Raw foods and salads are very important, Mahan Rishi says. This helps you vitalize and alkalize the system. He focuses on a high antioxidant diet, which protects the life of the cells. Fruits and vegetables and juicing are great for high antioxidant intake.

First and foremost, however, is deep breathing. Second is water. Most people don’t drink enough water, Mahan Rishi points out, and the benefits of staying properly hydrated are huge. For a fantastic breakfast, he adds, try steams. They’re warm, easy to digest, and packed with nutrition. Forget sweet, starchy, or gluten-based breakfasts; go with a warm veggie steam or a smoothie (add some super foods, too). Grains can exacerbate candida, and tend to ferment in the gut, he notes. “Be creative and meet yourself where you are,” suggests Ramdesh.

Herbs are also great; oregano oil (just a drop of tincture!), red thyme oil, colloidal silver, ginger, garlic, onions, and curcumin are all potent. Cold coming on? Lysine works great. Aconite (a homeopathic remedy) at the onset of a cold may send it running—away! Cold Weather Respiratory from Herb Technology is another great remedy for respiratory or bronchial issues. Jalapeno is also one of the best treatments for bronchial issues. Neti pot use is fantastic as well. And don’t forget—water! Warm lemon water or lemon with tea are also helpful suggestions.

What is one overarching suggestion that will shift and empower your life? Sit in silence, Mahan Rishi suggests, “Create a space of stillness.” This one practice alone can change your life profoundly. If there is one change you can make today let it be to nurture your relationship to silence. Let go of the busyness and urgency, and tap into the still and quiet realm within your own heart. Silence is the doorway to a whole other realm of infinity and potential. From that stillness you’ll begin to notice all the unnecessary attachments, clinging, striving and false urgency; be part of an effortless flow of ease and grace. Find time just to be.

Mahan Rishi has a number of teacher trainings and events coming up so check out his website for more information (khalsahealing.com). Then, tune into this informative and fascinating podcast: Take charge of your health using the principles of yogic technology and healing!

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