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Airdate: November 8, 2012

Join Ramdesh for this special show dedicated to those affected by Hurricane Sandy, which recently wrecked havoc on the East Coast and listen to a sampling of the extraordinary music on Kirtan Aid: Chants for Hurricane Sandy. This benefit album includes works by 33 sacred chant artists! All proceeds from this project will go to the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund to send help to New York, New Jersey, Cuba and other outlying areas damaged by Hurricane Sandy.

Spirit Voyage has put this album together to give the yoga and sacred chant world a way of focusing time, talents and treasures onto this particular region; artists from many traditions, including Kundalini yoga and Bhakti yoga, joined together to offer music and mantra “medicine” while creating a donation album to help raise funds for those in need. By supporting this project, we too can come together as like-minded and uplifting people and put our donations, and our chanting and mantra focus on the people that need us so much right now, Ramdesh notes.

The first song you’ll hear is “Satigur Kar Deenai” by Jai-Jagdeesh from her album I Am Thine. This mantra is all about protecting home and keeping your sacred space sacred. This beautiful track is a perfect way to start out this podcast.

Next you’ll hear “Om Muni Muni” by Deva Premal and Miten, a chant to your Buddha nature, to help you rise up and out of the throes of indecision and be able to come into a neutral space and approach your life with dignity and grace. Next, by Jai Uttal “Down On My Knees Om Namah Shivaya” from his album Thunderlove, followed by Annmarie Soul’s “Asatoma Sat Gamaya” from Devotion, described by Ramdesh as a “powerful prayer of surrender and a true beseeching of the divine to heal the heart.” Annmarie is a West Coast sacred chant artist who has not been heard on Spirit Voyage before; listen to her heartfelt offering.

From Kristin Luna Ray’s Where Heaven Meets the Earth you’ll hear the lovely “Open to Grace.” Ena Vie’s “Ganesha” from Heart of Devotion comes next, calling upon the elephant-headed remover of obstacles to help in these troubled times.

Next is Sat Purkh Kaur’s gorgeous “Asa Nam” from Nectar of the Name, a Kundalini Yoga classic, followed by Donna De Lory’s live track, “Thy Will Be Done,” which she recorded especially to share with us on this humanitarian album. The last piece you’ll hear is Suzanne Sterling’s exceptional “Nataraj (Dancing In the Flames)” from Blue Fire Soul.

In addition, the album includes tracks by Snatam Kaur, Mirabai Ceiba, Krishna Das, Shantala, David Newman, Aykanna, Girish, Sean Johnson & the Wild Lotus Band, Simrit Kaur and Anthony Molina, GuruGanesha with Tina Malia, Harnam, Nirinjan Kaur, Gurunam Singh, Todd Boston, Prabhu Nam Kaur, Ashana, Sudha, Ram Dass, Sat Kartar, Sada Sat Kaur, Sirgun Kaur and Sat Darshan Singh, Simran Kaur and Guru Prem Singh, Satkirin Kaur Khalsa, and last  (but certainly not least!) Ramdesh.

Sample this extraordinary compilation of sacred chant music and donate to the Hurricane Sandy recovery cause by downloading Kirtan Aid: Chants for Hurricane Sandy. As Yogi Bhajan said, “Recognize that the other person is you.”

Kirtan Aid: Chants for Hurricane Sandy

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