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Airdate: March 6, 2014

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Join Ramdesh for an intimate chat with one of her favorite people—Kundalini yoga teacher Karena Virginia. Karena teaches at Golden Bridge in New York City  (often she partners her teaching with music by Snatam Kaur at various venues) and is a shining light in the Kundalini yoga world. “She is beautiful inside and out,” says Ramdesh, and has a heart of gold. She’s also a bit of a specialist in miracles.

Karena is an extremely sensitive woman who feels deeply, which can sometimes present challenges as well as beautiful moments. How has Kundalini yoga helped her to manage this special  attribute? Karena explains that Kundalini yoga works very well for her because she can use certain meditations to help her feel open and connect to her intuition and expand her sensitivity. Or, she can choose meditations that enable her to tap into her Neutral Mind, and her own space of inner strength. “It’s been this way since I was born—I came into the world feeling a lot,” Karena says. Kundalini yoga has helped her to nurture her sense of deep, intuitive knowing.

Karena’s DVD, “Kundalini Yoga for Abundance and Miracles,” is a great tool for Kundalini yoga practitioners and teachers. As Ramdesh says, Karena might be called the “Queen of Miracles.” So what is a miracle to her? “It’s something that is accessible to us every second of every day, a miracle is something that occurs every second—and even every particle of every second–every day,” Karena observes. No one keeps score of the multitude of miracles, but they are around us all the time. The only thing that stops us from experiencing these miracles is our mind and the resistance of the mind, she points out.

Karena’s DVD

By shifting our thoughts from scarcity and fear to abundance and love, Karena explains, we can experience these miracles in our daily lives, and Kundalini yoga is a beautiful tool for doing that. If we believe we’re not worthy or deserving, we can turn our back on the miracles but when we go into that place of recognizing the magnificence of the universe we’ll be amazed at how the miracles bloom and multiply.

Karena shares some miracles that have occurred in her own life and in the lives of her students. Listen in and hear a story of how Karena’s father was once close to death and was saved by a miracle the universe offered up. You’ll also hear about miracles that have occurred in Ramdesh’s life lately. Call out your “peeps” and set your intention; you’ll be amazed at the miracles that can happen when we shift our thinking and enter a space of positive creation combined with an attitude of gratitude. And pray! There is always hope for a miracle, and your prayer is being heard, says Karena.

What song helps Karena shift into a miracle mindset? She loves “By Thy Grace” by Snatam Kaur. You’ll hear this beautiful song from the CD Grace on this podcast. Listen and know that all things happen by the grace of the Divine.

It is not difficult to touch Karena’s heart because it’s so big and so wide open, says Ramdesh. And it’s not difficult to feel that Karena’s heart is touching you. Join the “Queen of Miracles” for this heart-centered chat and open your own heart to trust and joy.


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