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Air Date: June 7, 2012

Tune into this very special podcast with our beloved radio show hostess Ramdesh to experience her just-released CD, Journey into Stillness: Guided Meditations with Kundalini Mantra, featuring the music of Snatam Kaur, Mirabai Ceiba, Jai-Jagdeesh and Ram Dass (who also expertly produced the album).

What you won’t hear on the CD (but you’ll hear it on this intimate podcast!) is Ramdesh’s own story. Ramdesh -–who has interviewed and supported so many sacred chant artists in her role as radio show hostess and Spirit Voyage blogger— shares her personal history with music and mantra, which some may find surprising. Ramdesh reveals that as a child her deepest wish was to become a singer (and she had a beautiful voice). At the age of nine, however, she contracted viral encephalitis and entered a coma. When she emerged, she had lost both her sight and hearing.

Although her sight returned, Ramdesh remained deaf. She received cochlear implants when she was 23, but still spends half of her life (when she takes her implants out at night) in a world of complete silence. In her waking hours, she is surrounded by sound and music. Hers is an inspiring and profoundly moving story. Ramdesh was unable to follow her dream to become a singer, but with this CD she gives listeners the beautiful gift of her voice, nevertheless. Co-mingling with the music of four talented sacred chant artists, Ramdesh guides listeners on an inner journey into a meditative state of peace, calmness, and inner beauty. She shares with us her deep and abiding love for mantra and her healing words and vision.

Listen first to “Meditation for Conscious Breathing” to the accompaniment of “Ong Sohung” by Snatam Kaur. This mantra means, “I am thou, I am all that is, I am one with the infinite creative wisdom of the universe.” You will feel a merging with the infinite as you follow your breath with Ramdesh as guide on this soothing journey.

You’ll also hear “Guided Meditation with the Angels” with the angelic Jai-Jagdeesh chanting “Aad Guray Nameh” as back up. This mantra for protection refers to the ancient energy and protective force of life, which existed in the beginning, throughout the ages, and is here now, Ramdesh explains. This track is especially meaningful to Ramdesh because she experienced the calming guidance of angelic beings of light when she was in a coma. “They gave stillness to my soul, calmed my fears, and left me suspended in a place of perfect peace.”

“Guided Meditation for Self-Love” concludes this podcast, featuring a gorgeous instrumental piece called “Lullaby” by Ram Dass. You’ll follow your breath to your heart center where you will learn to love and accept yourself with complete and utter devotion. Ramdesh shares her own experiences with self-acceptance on this podcast, and welcomes you into her heart.

How exciting to follow Ramdesh on this healing journey, and hear her say the words, “You’ve been listening to Journey into Stillness by Ramdesh!” Be held in the sacred sound current, and guided by the comfort of Ramdesh’s voice on this new CD, which offers six beautiful guided meditations. Journey with Ramdesh into stillness– and into love.

Journey Into Stillness by Ramdesh Kaur

Yoga and Mantras for a Whole Heart by Ramdesh Kaur and Karan Khalsa

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