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Airdate: December 12, 2013

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A masterful mantra singer, extraordinary dancer, and an all-round amazing woman, Jai-Jagdeesh is back on the show to discuss her new album, Of Heaven & Earth as well as a variety of other heart-centered topics, including what inspires her, gratitude, and being her authentic self in our contemporary and often challenging world.

What inspires this exceptional artist at this moment in time? Solitude. Jai-Jagdeesh explains, “There is something incredibly precious about having a space that is your own in which to follow your own rhythm….” Solitude fuels her creativity, especially because when she’s on the road she spends a lot of lovely time with others. But when she comes home, solitude serves her creative process immensely.

Think Virginia Woolf, and the need that a woman has for a room of her own, Ramdesh observes. Even something as simple as sitting on your yoga mat and breathing can be an opportunity to find your quiet space within.

Ramdesh also asks Jai-Jagdeesh about her life as a Sikh and what it was like to be raised in the Sikh community. Jai-Jagdeesh jumps right into this “juicy” question, explaining that authenticity is a “giganterrific” part of her path, and she tries to stay true to her heart at all times. “A huge aspect of the unfolding of anyone’s journey is resetting that compass and becoming who we actually are within and shining that out to the world,” Jai-Jagdeesh says.

Jai-Jagdeesh grew up wearing a turban and went to school in India, practicing sadhana every morning. But when she graduated she stepped away from the school and tried to “blend in” with the world, pursuing acting, photography and dance. One day, however, she realized that Kundalini yoga offered her the tools to deal with a particular problem, and she found her way back to the practice. Simultaneously,  she realized that it didn’t matter what clothing she wore or how she wore her hair, as long as she was true to her own authentic self, true to her own heart.

From the CD, you’ll hear “Ardas Bhaee,” a beautiful mantra that Jai-Jagdeesh combined with some English lyrics, tapping into the energy of Guru Ram Das and the power of miracles: “I live in a house of miracles; Held and guided by a light deep within; Oh, so precious this lifetime I’ve been given, and I believe there’s a magic that’s about to begin….”

Listen to these two dear friends laugh and share their thoughts on this lively podcast, answering each other’s questions about their lives and dreams, and discussing what it’s like to be an authentic woman in the world in which we live, a world which so often tries to convince us that we are not quite good enough. These wise women discuss body image and their devotion to being themselves, inviting you to be true to your own authentic self as well. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself laughing and crying as you listen to these two sage souls.

The podcast closes with “In Dreams,” from Of Heaven & Earth. Listen to Jai-Jagdeesh’s heavenly voice and soar with your authentic and beautiful self! As Jai-Jagdeesh says, “Love thyself and be pure love!”













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