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Original Airdate: April 21, 2016

Join Ramdesh and Spirit Voyage Managing Director Simranpreet Kaur for a fascinating discussion of the Spirit Voyage Global Sadhana. You’ll learn all about these ongoing opportunities to be part of a worldwide community of like-minded yogis gathering online to meditate and uplift each other, the planet and ourselves.

Simranpreet, a Kundalini yoga teacher as well as an herbalist, is the leader of the Global Sadhana. Right now, Simranpreet explains, her mission is to build up the online community so we can all support and nourish each other as we go through these amazing practices. The Internet is a way to build connection and to allow “people to support each other while they’re going through these extraordinary journeys with the global sadhanas, “ she says. “They are so transformative and if we can come together and share what we’re learning and share our hardships I think it will make the experience even that much more incredible.”

Not everyone has a Kundalini yoga studio nearby, so to have a place to practice with a group of 30,000 people is quite a gift. “You get the experience of the collective consciousness, the experience of the group practice, and you are loved, supported, and nourished by your community throughout the practice,” Simranpreet points out.

So what, exactly, is Global Sadhana? A sadhana, explains Ramdesh, is a spiritual practice, and in the context of Kundalini yoga it is a daily practice. For Global Sadhana, Spirit Voyage facilitates the meditation experience for 40 days (sometimes it’s 11). If you’re interested in learning more go to It’s easy to sign up!

Simranpreet has also created a Facebook group so we can chat and share. There are about 2500 members actively participating right now on Facebook, and the group is growing. Just search Spirit Voyage global sadhana and request to become a member.

GS_Awakening_Your_Creative_Fire_title_page_HDThe next sadhana, April 26 through May 6, is called “Awakening Your Creative Fire” with Kundalini yoga teacher, artist and musician Harnam Singh (aka Ramdesh’s husband!). Once you sign up by entering your email, you’ll see an instruction video and a full practice video that you can use while you are meditating if you choose. There are also written instructions and information about the mantra and meditation. Throughout the sadhana you will receive daily email support from the teacher (this time, you’ll get an awesome bonus—suggested creative projects from Harnam!). All the info you need is on the Global Sadhana page.

Btw, there is no judging if you miss a day and have to start over (even Ramdesh admits she has missed a few!) but there is plenty of encouragement and support. “It’s so important that we’re able to gather online to support each other,” Simranpreet notes. “It’s a commitment that you make with yourself and sometimes it’s really easy and blissful and beautiful and sometimes it’s quite challenging,” she adds. Give it a try: Put yourself in the experience of going through a journey with others in the community and watch how “they inform your practice, you inform their practice and everyone learns from each other as you grow and change,” Ramdesh suggests.

How is each sadhana selected? “It’s a very fluid process,” says Simranpreet. Sometimes an artist approaches with a track that would be perfect; other times, the Spirit Voyage staff checks in with what’s going on in the world, choosing a meditation that will help. “They’re done to serve the community and to bring people together in love and support of each other.” There are a wide variety of mantras and meditations that are used so you’ll find something you really love.

creative fireOn this podcast, you’ll hear the wonderful piece Harnam is offering this time from the CD Awakening Your Creative Fire. Ramdesh explains the mantra Har Haray Haree Wahe Guru (“a super, juicy mantra!”) that takes creativity from seed, to flow or sprout, to manifestation or full bloom. Wahe Guru is the ecstasy of the Divine right here and now. It’s an awesome creativity mantra.

You’ll also hear Ajeet Kaur’s recent Global Sadhana “Maa” from the CD Darshan. This mantra honors Mother Earth, and allows us to feel comforted and connected. Remember, you can always go back to past Global Sadhanas at any time and use them in your practice. Simranpreet also did a wonderful Global Sadhana on prosperity, using the mantra “Har.” The recent Japji Global Sadhana with Snatam Kaur was translated into five languages! It was quite amazing.

DarshanWhat’s coming up next? Spirit Voyage will be coordinating with for the pre-summer solstice sadhana and there is also one in the works with Aykanna. After that there is a meditation planned with Jai-Jagdeesh. “No spoiler alerts; we’ll take it one sadhana at a time,” says Simranpreet, adding, “We always have many, many in the works.” The sadhanas are varied, and it’s a “really good way to get cozy with a mantra you may not have practiced before.”

Ramdesh kicked off the first Global Sadhana in 2010 and grew the community to more than 20,000 before Simranpreet stepped up. Though it’s now at about 30,000 participants, the practice continues to expand, so kudos to both for their roles in spreading the word!

Join the thousands across the globe, and experience being part of a larger community of support and love. Open the door to creativity with this next one: Says Ramdesh, if you try the art projects you may find that doors open in other parts of your creative life, as well. Go to to be part of this extraordinary global meditation movement! Global Sadhana is a remarkable and effective way to feel supported and uplifted on your spiritual journey.

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