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Airdate: September 27, 2017

Belinda Carlisle, the lead singer of the Go-Go’s, joins Ramdesh on this podcast with a fresh new mantra album called Wilder Shores. This is a first–an iconic, highly successful pop singer releasing a Kundalini mantra abum — and Ramdesh is super excited to welcome her to the show to share her music and journey. Live from London, listen in!

Belinda has actually been practicing Kundalini yoga for about 25 years. When she was pregnant, she began her studies with Gurmukh. She didn’t really know what it was: “I would see Sikhs in the late 70’s and thought they looked really punk rock!” About 13 years ago, she reconnected with the legendary teacher who invited her to come on a yatra to India. She thought, “Why not!?” So she went and she had “quite an experience” in a rebirthing class with Gurmukh during which she faced her anger and realized the power of the teachings. Belinda was still touring the world as a pop singer, but her perception had changed. “It definitely made me realize that when I work and sing and when I travel around touring I am connected to something greater than myself.” She really delved into mantra and a regular practice after that.

_DSC8168Her new album is already soaring on the charts and getting attention from a mainstream audience. In keeping with her reputation as a powerhouse of feminine energy the first piece is “Adi Shakti.” Belinda says she loves Gurudass Kaur’s version, and was inspired by the translation and the idea of conjuring up the feminine energy. “That’s really what I’ve been doing for the past 40 years!”

Belinda hopes that with this album she will reach people who would never even think about Kundalini yoga or mantra. The next track is “Ek Ong Kar Sat Gur Prasad,” also known as the miracle mantra, which has always made her feel very happy. Belinda notes that her criteria for choosing the mantras to record was how the mantra makes her feel and how effective it has been in her life.

Light of My Soul,” an English mantra, is next. One day on the freeway after class in L.A. the melody came to her and she sang it into her iPhone. “A lot of the recording was whispered in my ear,” she says. “I never had an experience quite like this, where I was being guided through the whole thing, even melodically.”

Har Gobinday” is a mantra she loves and resonates with. She began with a slow version but then decided she wanted to really pop it up. You can hear a little Duran Duran and Bee Gees influence. “It’s a really fun track,” and features Simrit Kaur on vocals as well. “She was there every step of the way really encouraging me,” Belinda says. Simrit’s voice blends beautifully with Belinda’s and she contributes to four tracks on the CD.

Belinda’s most famous song is “Heaven is a Place on Earth” and this is the 30th anniversary of the piece. She recorded a new version for this CD. It’s an awesome track to play during Shavasana, she notes. This song has really become symbolic of moments in people’s lives, deeply connected to their memories. It was a great pop song and now it’s a great sacred song, Ramdesh observes. Enjoy this acoustical version. “It’s a song of hope,” Belinda adds.

Find out more about Belinda on her Facebook page and listen to her accessible, loving, and often rockin’ mantra music. The show plays out to Belinda’s awesome new “Long Time Sun.” Sat Nam!

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