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Ramdesh discusses the 28-day immersion teacher training offered every summer in Espanola New Mexico with  Kundalini Research Institute CEO Nirvair Singh Khalsa and teacher trainer/author/musician Sat Purkh Kaur Khalsa. This is a great opportunity for practitioners to learn more about the course.

How do you know if teacher training is right for you? For some it’s a calling, and they know from their very first Kundalini Yoga class that they want to teach. Others come to the training with no intention to teach at all, Nirvair explains, but simply to deepen their practice. (Oftentimes, those who are the most reticent at the onset become highly dedicated teachers later!). Either path is fine!

What will you be studying? Postures (asana), mantra, meditation, physical and etheric anatomy (including the chakras and the ten bodies), and much more. The training also occurs in a very unique place, at the “mother ashram.” This is the only immersion level one course that is offered directly from KRI at the mother ashram in Espanola, Ramdesh points out.

“A lot of people respond to the energy of the landscape,” Sat Purkh observes, ‘There’s a tradition of healing there and the surroundings are beautiful, from the mountains to the amazing night skies filled with stars. Walking to sadhana in the New Mexico moonlight is an experience to be treasured.” Adds Nirvair, “There is a kind of deep, earthy, mystical quality to New Mexico itself. It’s a very special place; they call it the land of enchantment.”

It’s amazing to come together with like-minded people from all over the world to experience the training together; solid friendships are made in the process that can last for years. You’ll also have an opportunity to visit the ranch where Yogi Bhajan, the master of Kundalini yoga, once lived. And there is a beautiful community of about 300 families in the area who live by the teachings and are eager to welcome you. “It really is a special place,” says Nirvair,” and it’s a special place to have a very deep connection with other people and to participate in something that has been going on for decades.”

Becoming a teacher also brings you into the beautiful tradition of the Golden Chain, the continuing legacy passed down through the ages from teacher to teacher. When we tune in with the Adi Mantra and link to the Golden Chain, says Nirvair, “We…experience this idea of legacy and lineage both and have an experience within our own self as a teacher. It essentially lifts the vibration up for everyone: the person attending the class, the person teaching the class, even the person that walks in the room after the class is taught who feels the residual good vibes when people are able to challenge themselves, confront themselves and elevate themselves into consciousness.” The “gold” of the Golden Chain is akin to a kind of radiance, and you are transmitting that radiant light through the teachings, through a body of knowledge and wisdom.

The oath of a teacher is “I am not a woman, I am not a man, I am not a person, I am not myself, I am a Teacher.” As you develop as a teacher, you strip away layers of your self-identity and become a vessel for the teachings, Ramdesh notes. It’s an amazing experience to become a teacher and watch as people transform through this extraordinary technology. “You attune yourself to a frequency so you get into an elevated space where you are you and you’re not you…it’s an orientation so that you are recognizing your higher self and the responsibility and joy of being able to pass along these teachings to help people…” Nirvair says. With this training you’ll gain the tools to uplift yourself, and to help others: “You’ll fill up your toolbox in this course!”

Check out immersion.kriteachings.org to find out more about this wonderful opportunity. Says Ramdesh, “Imagine a village of 300 families who all practice the teachings of Kundalini yoga. There is chanting every day, there’s meditation, everyone speaks the same mysterious language, and everyone gets you!” Wait a minute… you don’t have to imagine, you can actually experience this amazing immersion by signing up now!



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