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Original airdate: June 2, 2011

Revisit this delightful podcast and learn all about the husband and wife team Aykanna (Sukhdev and Akahdahmah Jackson). The couple talks about what Aykanna means to them, describing the path they have taken as they’ve joined their destinies and followed the sacred sound current.

The show opens with “Beautiful Day,” a buoyant and energetic track; then connect to the divine with their song “Beautiful Am I.” Both are from Livelight, and both simply are beautiful.

LIVELIGHT by Aykanna

How has Kundalini yoga helped the couple on their journey? Akahdahmah explains, “Once you start practicing you find out these are keys on a keychain of eternity to unlock any blocks.” Mantra, he says, “lifts us up into service so we can be the lighthouses for those ships that are on the stormy waters.”

Sukhdev says that Kundalini yoga has really helped her to claim her life and come into her womanhood. “I feel like I’m my own being, free from the chains of the past… We have a daily practice that we cherish and that is what gives us the grace in each day.”  And “in each moment!” Akahdahmah adds.

Listen next to “Sat Narayan” from Livelight, a mantra that is chanted to create inner peace so you can project outer peace, happiness and good fortune. With it, says Akahdahmah, you will know your truth and the gift you are to bring.

The couple then talks about Mother, their second amazing CD, and their devotion to the sacred feminine presence in the universe. This beautiful CD celebrates and honors mother earth. “We wouldn’t have anything physical if it wasn’t for our mother earth,” Akahdahmah observes. Listen to “Jai Ma,” a gorgeous track in praise of the divine feminine. (FYI: Since this podcast was recorded the couple has become the happy parents of a beautiful baby girl!)

Mother by Aykanna

Next you’ll hear “Har Haray Haree.” Sukhdev guides us through the meditation to accompany the track. Sit in easy pose (or in a chair) and stretch your left arm out 90 degrees to the side with the fingers split between the index and middle and your palm facing down. The right arm is facing straight up with the palm facing your ear and fingers in the same mudra as the left hand. Focus the gaze at the tip of the nose and project from the navel as you chant along with this inspiring mantra.

In closing, Ramdesh, Sukhdev and Akahdahmah encourage listeners to “be yourself and love yourself.” Let your light shine as you listen to “Bluezone” from Mother and celebrate the joy of life with the extraordinary and vibrant sound of Aykanna.

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