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Seeds of Love by Aykanna

Airdate: October 31, 2013

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This Halloween show will send happy shivers up your spine! Join Ramdesh and special guests Sukhdev and Akahdahmah of Aykanna for this wonderful All Hallow’s Eve podcast.

Halloween is the day when the veil between the worlds, between the physical and the nonphysical, gets very thin. It’s also a day of connecting with our ancestors and of releasing our subconscious from the ghosts (or thoughts) that haunt us. It’s a powerful day for us to connect with the energies around us and within us, says Ramdesh, and a perfect day to call forth the beautiful music and energy of Aykanna.

The show begins with the Adi Mantra, “Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo,” and a track from the couple’s inspiring new album Seeds of Love. The mantra helps you give yourself over to the recognition of a higher wisdom. Place your hands at your heart center and chant along.

The musical enchanted couple joins Ramdesh from their home in Topanga, California. “This is an oasis of oak trees,” says Akahdahmah. Their new album Seeds of Love seems to embody the duo’s union, and the creation of their love and of their divine daughter, says Ramdesh. “We’re in the flow of whatever is bubbling, the love as well as the suffering of life. But it was very special because it was made in the first year of our daughter’s life,” says Sukhdev. They dove into the project and recorded and their work blossomed.

When you look at a seed it has a plan in it, explains Akahdahmah. And we have no idea what this seed will blossom into, into how many trees, other seeds, or ancestors to come. “But there is a plan in us, the plan of love, just like the seed of love is planted in your heart …”

Listen next to the couple’s rendition of “Halleluyah.” They discuss this sacred word and how they came to express it musically. This beautiful word of praise overcomes thoughts and words of negativity and enfolds us in joy and celebration. In terms of the sound current and meaning, it’s also so similar to Wahe Guru, Ramdesh points out. Says Sukhdev, the song just came forth, and began flowing through naturally. It’s our natural state to be in the joy of being in this life, in this body, in our authentic self, she observes. “Hallelujah is kind of like the remembrance of that,” she says.

Wahe Guru and Hallelujah are affirmations of intense emotion. Listen to this spirited discussion of the roots of these words of ecstasy and chant along with Aykanna on this powerful track. Tap into the ancestral wisdom of “Halleluyah” from Seeds of Love.

Akahdahmah and Sukhdev have an intimate chat with listeners, sharing words of wisdom from their life journeys. The external world can be challenging but be who you are, advises Akahdahmah. Kundalini yoga lets you have a relationship with your higher self, with your own soul. Be you and liberate your light! Bring your unique voice forward, and invest the time in discovering who you are and who you came to this earth to be, and if you don’t know, go ask somebody! Your ability is there, and your journey of life is to discover it, Akahdahmah says.

Adds Sukhdev, do what it takes in your life to love yourself deeply and unconditionally through all of the struggles you go through. Love yourself in your inner world because your outer world is a reflection of that. “Hold yourself with loving, gentle hands,” she suggests, a wonderful lesson she has learned from motherhood. “Life is up and down, but hold yourself gently in the process. And allow people to hold you, too.”

Love yourself, ask for help, and be who you came to be! In closing you’ll hear, “I Came to Be Who I Be,” one of the take-away points from this show. Sing, experience, and own it! This is a great song and an exuberant show celebrating life, ancestors past and future, and the power of destiny.



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