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Airdate: July 5, 2012

On this uplifting podcast, Ramdesh offers songs from various Kundalini yoga musicians to help you experience pure joy. After teaching, Ramdesh reveals, Yogi Bhajan would often ask people to dance—to move their bodies and get their energy flowing.  Here’s your chance to groove to accessible, happy, sacred chant music (primarily in English). Jump, dance, wiggle, shake and feel good!

The podcast opens with a wonderful song by Aykanna from the album Mantra Mala called “Be the Light.” (We can pretty much guarantee you will not be able to listen to it sitting down!) Here’s a song that really makes you want to get up and dance!

Mantra Mala by Aykanna

Next comes “Music Sound” from MADA Love by Bachan Kaur. This track is fun and light, and filled with love.

MADA Love by Bachan Kaur

What would a Kundalini dance party be without GuruGanesha Singh? “You Can Make the Sun Shine” from Kundalini Surjhee is sure to get you moving to the beat.

Kundalini Surjhee by GuruGanesha Singh

Next up is “Change,” from Gurunam Singh’s album of the same name, a song that rocks!

Change by Gurunam Singh

Then dance to “I See No Stranger” by Harnam Singh from the Live From Spirit Fest CD. You’ll want to clap your hands to this one!

Live from Spirit Fest

Take a short pranayama break with Ramdesh; sit cross-legged or in a chair with your feet on the ground, spine straight, hands in Gyan mudra. Breathe long and deep through the nose keeping the inhale and exhale even; four counts in and four counts out.  This segmented breathing will totally relax and calm you.

Then,  get ready to boogie to Mahan Kalpa Singh’s “Advertisement for Your Soul” from the upcoming album Love is Love followed by Aykanna’s uplifting “I Love You, I Thank You!” from Mantra Mala and the joyous “We Are Peace” from Celebrate Peace by Snatam Kaur.

Celebrate Peace by Snatam Kaur

By now you’ll be feeling the love, peace, light and joy as you soar through the music on an uplifting spirit voyage. The podcast closes with “Sat Nam the Grace Within You,” the theme song for Sat Nam Fest, from the album The Grace Within You: Live from Sat Nam Fest 2011.  This song, says Ramdesh, “is all about the expansion of the heart and finding your center.”

The Grace Within You: Live from Sat Nam Fest 2011

Join Ramdesh for this veritable joy fest, and “dance to the music!”

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