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DarshanJoin Ramdesh and sacred chant artist Ajeet Kaur who has a brand new album out called Darshan. You’ll learn all about it and get a chance to know this lovely young musician as she and Ramdesh, who are dear friends, chat about how the album was made. “Ajeet is epic inside and outside, musically and as a person!” Ramdesh confides, “She is at once both sweetly angelic and insanely funny!”

Ajeet is a Kundalini yoga teacher who tours both as a soloist and with Snatam Kaur. She’s thrilled to finally be able to share this album with the public. How was it recorded? “The story is so rich,” Ramdesh observes, “and infuses the music with so much special energy.”

Ajeet explains that she thought the producer she was really set on working with was in Los Angeles but it turned out he had recently moved to Bali. As Ajeet is a “roll up your sleeves and get it done” person, that didn’t stop her. She followed her heart and went to Bali and the album was recorded there. The Balinese energy and many years of sacred ceremony are woven into the music, along with the beautiful experiences she had in that remarkable environment.

The meaning of “darshan” is to have a vision of the Divine or to catch a glimpse of the Divine, Ajeet explains, and the word is also used to describe how one can receive the darshan—the vision of the Divine– from a spiritual teacher. “I feel like so often in my life I receive the darshan through the music,” Ajeet says, “it opens up a little doorway in myself to experience the divine within.” She created this music with the intention of helping people feel the darshan of their own soul inside of themselves, she adds.

Ramdesh notes that Ajeet has absorbed darshan from many wonderful teachers, including Yogi Bhajan, her mother Hari Kirin Kaur Khalsa, her father Thomas Moore, and her teacher Guru Dev Singh. She has taken all of these blessings into her heart.

Ajeet talks about the first track, “Dance of Ganesha” which is about the Hindu deity known as the Remover of Obstacles. The song was inspired by a wonderful story told by her teacher, Guru Dev Singh, about how Ganesha danced in celebration when “Om” became “Ong,” the sound of Om manifested. Chant along with this glorious mantra!

“Light of My Soul” comes next. This track really captures and communicates Ajeet’s gentle, giving nature. “We each have such a unique reason for being here, and such a unique way of being here,” says Ajeet. This song is a celebration of the freedom to be who you are. She hopes that as you are listening you will feel free to be you. “Be yourself, be who you are, be your true colors, and be the light of your soul!” adds Ramdesh. Wahe guru!

Next up is “In Your Grace (Maa).” Ajeet shares a poignant story about her grandmother and how she hoped and prayed for a granddaughter. When Ajeet’s parents met and married her wish came true. Her grandmother was a very loving, accepting woman; she passed away when Ajeet was 12 years old. Traveling through her grandmother’s neighborhood in Michigan while on tour Ajeet strongly felt her energy, and she began chanting Ma to honor and embrace her presence, and to honor the spirit of our ancestors and mother earth. The experience evolved into this beautiful song.

“Suniai” is the track you’ll hear next. Ramdesh shares a magical story about the first time she heard Ajeet play this song while the two were in India. (They’ll be leading another seva retreat with Sat Nam Foundation, March 7-13, 2016, at Ramana’s Garden, a home for abused and abandoned children in Rishikesh. Save the date!) Ajeet loves to come up with new songs during yoga practice, and this one came to life during the Ghost Kriya. “Suniai” means to listen with all of your being to the profound silence of the universe, Ajeet says. Through this all pain disappears and all mistakes are washed away; all of the wisdom of every saint, sage or spiritual master is held in that silence.

Meditate as the show plays out to this blissful song. If you want to learn more about Ajeet go to and be sure to check out her touring schedule as well. In the meantime you can hear her extraordinary voice on Darshan. Listen in and experience a sublime vision of the Divine.

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