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Airdate: June 5, 2014

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Lovely young sacred chant artist Ajeet Kaur joins Ramdesh to talk about her new album At the Temple Door. In addition to releasing her first full-length solo album, Ajeet has been touring with Snatam Kaur lately. “Ajeet may seem more like an angel than a person,” says Ramdesh, “but she’s super down-home and really funny!” Tune in and get to know Ajeet better.

How did the album come together? Ajeet reveals that things were kind of up in the air until two weeks before beginning to record with producer/musician Todd Boston. “Then the stars aligned and everything shifted,” she says. Hoping to get the CD out in time for Summer Solstice, Ajeet, who lives in New Hampshire, went out to the Redwoods surrounded by nature and visiting deer to record with Todd, and in this “magical environment” the musical magic began. “In this really unexpected and beautiful cocoon the music blossomed,” she says.

The album is arranged in a manner that reflects a day’s journey from dawn until dusk. The first track you’ll hear, Ajeet says, is a celebration of life, the moment when you feel that you are part of everything—the trees, the animals, and every person. It’s called “In Bloom (Dharti Hai).” Ajeet explains the mantra: Dharti Hai is the earth and Akash Hai is the sky. Guru Ram Das Hai means “the servant of God is me.” As you chant, you can feel your feet on the earth and your connection to the sky above. The earth and the heavens all come together in these powerful sounds that comprise the go to mantra for when you need some manifesting assistance from the Divine, Ramdesh notes.

The next track you’ll hear is called “Peace” and includes some cool guitar riffs by Spirit Voyage founder Guruganesha Singh. It begins with an English mantra (a Yogi Bhajan quote) and then segues into Ek Ong Kar Sat Nam Siri Waheguru. As often happens when Guruganesha starts to jam, you may suddenly feel the urge to get up and dance!

One of Ajeet’s favorite mantras comes next, incorporated into the title track, “At the Temple Door (Ardas).” She had been chanting Ardas Bhaee for a while but it wasn’t planned for inclusion on the album. One evening, however, Ajeet suggested to Todd that they play some music just to relax. Of course, she began singing Ardas Bhaee and it soon became apparent that the piece had to be part of the mix. Ardas Bhaee is a beautiful mantra that will answer your deepest prayer, even if you’re not really sure what that prayer is. “It takes your prayer and aligns it with your destiny. It gives you what you don’t even know you need,” Ajeet says. You’ll hear fantastic guitar work by Todd on this gorgeous piece.

Last up from At the Temple Door is “Antarjaamee,” which is part of Kirtan Soheila, the evening prayer of the Sikhs. It’s about falling in love with the Divine, and finding the protection and peace in that embrace. It’s perfect listening for before resting or bedtime as the day draws to a close.

Ajeet also shares some amusing tales from her travels with Snatam. You’ll get to know each of these exceptional artists a little bit better when you hear how much fun they have on the road.

Tune in to the podcast and find out more about this rising young sacred chant star on AjeetKaurMusic.com. Her voice and freshly blossoming musical gifts are sure to brighten and uplift your world.

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