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Airdate: January 12, 2017

Join Ramdesh as she welcomes back Ajeet Kaur; this is the 6th anniversary of the show with 300,000 listens a year! Ajeet is a magnificent singer, yoga teacher, healer, and “all around great friend,” says Ramdesh. She’s been healing, singing, and teaching in Bali, and Haseya, her new album, represents a “huge evolution” in her consciousness. Check out the CD, and the extraordinary artwork on its cover.

“It was quite a wild ride for me making it,” Ajeet recalls. She had received a call from Karan Khalsa, CEO of Spirit Voyage Records, who asked if she was ready to make a new album. Ajeet agreed that she was, though she was expecting to make long, Sanskrit meditation tracks. But her plan took a little turn, and the album turned out to be vastly different than what she expected. The work was deeply influenced by her connection to the Balinese people, to the Earth, and to our ability to reset and heal ourselves when we align with Nature.

The first song you’ll hear is “Akaal.” This special track came to Ajeet when she was visiting a friend in the mountains of Colorado. She went outside and was surrounded by silence, and the words to her part in the song came to her. She sang the words out into the mountains and trees, a potent and healing experience for her. After the words came to her she heard Trevor Hall’s voice, and she knew that he would help to complete the song. The Divine connected them in their intention and the song came forth; a unique synergy evolved.

Akaal is a mantra that is used to ease grief and to help the departed cross to the other side. The piece is tied “into such a tremendous connection with ancestors,” Ramdesh observes. It really heals and soothes the feeling of separation and lets us feel that we are never separated, and also helps us to feel the freedom of letting go, Ajeet explains. Ramdesh shares the experience of helping a friend cross over and listening to this and other mantras as her friend became liberated and her soul became free, undying, and released from Maya.

The second track you’ll hear is “Chattr Chakkr,” a warrior chant for victory, written by Guru Gobind Singh, a spiritual and meditative yogi warrior. His life was about bringing together peace and service while also being a warrior. There’s a beautiful vibration to his chants because he lived actively in the world while holding a meditative space. Ajeet’s name comes from this poem so it particularly resonates with her heart. During the creation of this track, she took the day off because she wasn’t feeling the warrior spirit. The next day was a photo shoot and she was sitting by the banks of a river; her hair was wet, and there was a moment when she was in the river and felt the pushing and strength of the water in her hands as it rushed by. At that moment she felt that energy of chattr chakkr; the flow of water with both ease, strength and power. When we are in our dharma…”there is this power, a natural flow,” Ajeet says. The water was “totally the teacher to me in this mantra,” she adds. Listen next to this unique and powerful version.

The song “Haseya” is next. This was a fun and serendipitous part of making the album because the song arrived after the CD was supposed to be complete. Suddenly this song came to Ajeet and she felt that it had to be included. The album had a different title at that point, but the Haseya song shifted everything. Says Ajeet, “It’s one of my absolute favorites…and it burst into being!”

Haseya means “she rises ”or to rise up in Diné, the language of the Navajo people. Listen to this remarkable album and you will experience both Ajeet’s rising and your own!

Listen to the Podcast Here: https://www.unityonlineradio.org/spirit-voyage-ramdesh/ajeet-kaur-haseya



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