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As a prenatal Yoga Teacher, I most often see women coming to my yoga classes in search of a safe “exercise” program to practice during pregnancy.  I enjoy sharing the variety of physical postures and movements for strengthening, toning, and opening the body.  But even more than the physical practice, I love to see women meet the unexpected benefit of Prenatal Yoga – the inner depths that come via meditation and increased awareness.  This is where we find the most profound yogic ways to prepare for birth and the vast life changes of motherhood.  If ever there was a time to meditate, this is it.

Even before birth, we are teaching our children.  From inside the womb, babies learn from the environment of the mother’s body.  Experiences of peace are deeply beneficial for both mom and baby.

The meditation series Relief From Stress is a favorite in my Prenatal Yoga classes.  It is simple and relaxing.  Become Calm is a short meditation for encouraging a peaceful, tranquil state.  The Guru Ram Das Rhythmic Harmony for Happiness inspires peace and awakens the consciousness of the heart.

Emotional Balance
The drastic hormonal fluctuations of pregnancy can leave even a usually balanced person feeling emotional and fragile.  Kirtan Kriya is wonderful throughout pregnancy for inspiring mental and emotional balance, as well as being a great support for going through changes of any kind.

Letting Go
We all have things we need to let go of.  Parenthood has a way of really bringing those things to the surface so that we can face and release them. The Meditation for the Arcline and to Clear the Karmas is a beautiful release physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically.  This one is another favorite in classes – it gets encore requests!

Pregnancy and motherhood open up a sea of questions, advice, and opinions. But what works for one person doesn’t always work for another and the answers aren’t always in black and white. A big piece of the journey in motherhood is learning to trust ourselves and have faith in our own wisdom and intuition as mothers.  Strengthening Intuitive Projection is a great practice in preparing to trust your Self in the birth process and beyond.

These are just a few meditations for common concerns in pregnancy.  For just about any issue that might come up, a meditation can be found.  Seek out a prenatal yoga teacher in your area or find more meditations and information in Bountiful Beautiful Blissful by GurmukhMantra chanting can be especially blissful in pregnancy – read Mantra Chanting: Top 5 Mantras for Prenatal Yoga for mantras that are particularly effective.  And be sure to check out the sweet songs and sacred mantras of Snatam Kaur‘s newly released Divine Birth CD, especially for pregnancy and parenthood. Use this precious time to become open and joyful in the welcoming of a soul and the blooming of yourself as a mother.

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