Alternate Nostril Breathing is one of the simplest and most powerful pranayama in yoga. Why is it so powerful?

1) Breathing through the left nostril is calming, while breathing through the right nostril is energizing. Alternate nostril breathing balances these forces within you.

2) Taking a few minutes to focus on breathing deeply gives more oxygen to your brain (equal amounts on both sides), improving brain function and your clarity.

3) Deepening into your breath through pranayama triggers the parasympathetic nervous system, which smoothes your ruffled nerves.

4) Alternate nostril breathing calms your emotional state.  Quick as a flash.  Try it.

5) You can cleanse your lungs of impurities through pranayama.  Since 70% of impurities are filtered through our lungs, its a good idea to clean the filters every once in a while!

In this video, Sirgun Kaur leads us through alternate nostril breathing, which relaxes the mind, body and spirit. Alternate nostril breath balances the hemispheres of the brain and causes increased well-being.

Try three minutes…no time like the present!

(Sirgun Kaur can be found on her blog Infinity’s Cup.)

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