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Meditation for Gurprasad

This is a very simple meditation that cultivates gratitude. Known also as the “Gift of God” meditation, it helps one tap into the flow of giving and receiving. Thus, this meditation is excellent for those of us who have trouble receiving. It helps us to remember that everything is a gift from the divine.

Posture:  Sit in easy pose a straight spine.  Cup the hands together with the palms facing up, and hold this mudra at the center of the heart. Your upper arms and elbows should be pressed comfortably against your ribcage (thus stimulating meridian points that will lead to relaxation).

Gaze: Begin with the eyes one-tenths open, but allow them to close during the meditation.

Breath: Breathe naturally, but with intention.  Allow yourself to experience the abundant flow of the universe. Imagine yourself being showered with limitless blessings.  Believe in the power of gratitude and begin to feel the palpable energy that is contained within your hands. There, in your hands–and in your breath and in your spirit–lies the divine universal power of giving and receiving.

Time:  There was no time given for this meditation. It is suggested to start with 3 to 11 minutes and work up to 31-minutes.

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