I didn’t realize how the culture I grew up in and its emphasis on appearance – regular weekends at the beach, annual Mardi Gras festivals, and high-fashion, corporate standards – made my soul unhappy until I found Kundalini Yoga.

One of my Gurus was taking the leap of faith to leave my homeland in the Caribbean to come to America. I decided to follow him to Raton, New Mexico. It was there, that I learned to shed the dependency on the physical body and explore the depths of my soul with kriyas, basic breathing exercises, and mantra meditations. These practices gave me all that I needed to be kept up. Every day my soul soared with gratitude for each and every challenge, welcoming in the lessons I learned from the many different cultural changes.

After 7 months, I was noticeably ‘plumper’ and still getting used to the climate and life in the small peaceful town of Raton. I booked a ticket home to the island, and was excited to see my friends. I had arranged for a private class with my teacher and two of my very close friends. They were used to Zumba, Cross-Fit, and Hot Yoga and had never done Kundalini Yoga before. I was excited to share with them the technology that had blessed my life!

When we met for class, my friends both commented on my weight gain. I made no excuses and felt no need to defend myself but rather hugged them both and thanked them for agreeing to participate in the Kundalini Experience. As we meditated, I kept hearing the words “You need to be OK with You” which comforted me but also prompted me to go further and deeper.

Upon my return to my new home, my heart was a little heavy and I felt my spirit going into a cocoon phase’ again so I threw myself into more physical kriyas. Yet, I knew deep inside that something still needed to be released. Then I stumbled upon a precious gem: Guided Meditation for Self Love by Ramdesh Kaur. After doing a vigorous set, I selected this for my relaxation and I just broke down having an enormous breakthrough. 15274-180x180

With this guided meditation, I truly and thoroughly forgave myself for hurting myself. Healing came to the injury that I had allowed into my life by giving others permission to be negative to my physical body. Most of all, I had a renewed respect and reverence for my physical body all while appreciating its strength, its health and simply what an incredible human machine it was and continues to be.

My personal daily sadhana fortifies me and takes this renewed self love to a higher level. Through my own self-acceptance, I am able to show others how they can tap into appreciating their own unique, beautiful, and divine physical body. By constantly tapping into one’s own Guru, the need to be a certain way dissolves. Everything is as it should be. Kundalini Yoga has profoundly helped me time and time again to make sure I am ‘A-OK’ with me!


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