In November 2009 I had the blessed privilege to travel to Rishikesh, India for Golden Bridge Yoga’s Level 1 Kundalini Teacher Training Program.  My main teachers there were Gurushabad Singh Khalsa, Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, and Tej Kaur Khalsa.  These three living masters served at the lotus feet of the Mahan Tantric Yogi Bhajan for more than forty years.

It is privilege to learn these teachings, but a duty to share them.  These notes were taken from the lectures of Gurushabad, Gurmukh and Tej during that month in India.  I hope that within these words you will find hope, knowledge and lessons; and that within yourself you will find a commitment to a conscious life; the kind that will be a showcase for your shining soul.

Meditation is the procedure of not letting negative thoughts enter your subconscious.

Once you become the observer of your own mind, it loses a LOT of control over you.  Your mind is NOT a source of energy – it’s your “phone home” apparatus when highly trained.  When UNTUNED it becomes attached to he earthly senses, and you spend your whole life trying to find satisfaction through your senses which is impossible.  Get your mind back.

There exists a “big cloud” of a universal mind – we are drops of that cloud – but we can connect and transform our consciousness back “home.”  Home base will tell you what to do through intuition.

You look at a person and see what you think is reality and you fall in love.  Your chemistry fools you – what you are not recognizing is that person will act the way that they are because it is already their habit.  Unless they delve into a deep process to change their habits, they will remain with those habits.  The chemistry that blinded you to them will wear off, and you will be stuck:  attached to the habits.  We need meditative intuition to see people for who they really are, beyond what our chemistry might do to us.

Relationships can sometimes be so severe that they are debilitating or life threatening.  At any time we can replace attachment by chanting mantras.

We hold three gunas, or states of mind:  negative, positive and neutral mind (Tamas, Rajas, and Sattva).

Positive mind is risk-taking and active.  90% of the world lives in the negative mind, and some people are a mix.  The mind THRIVES on negative stories.  The neutral mind judges and assesses without attachment.

The yogi is neutral – looks at the positive and the negative and then lives her destiny.

The mission of Kundalini yoga is to teach people to light their way.

This knowledge is not only from the Himalayas, it just happens to be that India and Tibet are the cultures from which it was most recently open and active.  Thousands of years ago alchemists lived in such a barbaric culture that everything had to be in secret code.  The entire Vedic technology is not unique to India – India is just the most recent culture to have recorded it.  Vedic technology was also found in Sumeria, in the Emerald Tablets by Hermes and different cultures throughout the ages have their variants.


The hard way:  Reaction & karma, bouncing around until you figure out your destiny.

The easy way:  become more sensitive and let the Universe guide you.

How the mind works is a circular fashion to create cause and effect.  Our hearts close at 7 years old, when we start to feel personally attacked by the world, and we go into the mind.

In deep sleep you are out of the body – if you have a clear mind you need less and less sleep.

Saying “I’m like this” doesn’t let you become something else.

Pleasure is the disease, pain is the medicine because pain makes you grow.  Anything less than Enlightenment is suffering.

A bad marriage is NOT LOVE.  A bad marriage or bad relationship doesn’t do anything for you – that’s not love, that’s attachment.  LOVE IS FOREVER.  Someone disappoints you and then you just shut down your heart.  Yogi Bhajan says:  love me, hate you I still love you.  The goal is to have so much love for yourself, that you don’t really care if people love you back or not.

Understand through compassion.

Your heart has a 40,000 cell brain.  The heart starts to beat before the brain starts developing.  It is a reality to live from your heart.  You can listen with and speak from your heart.  How do you sound?  How do you feel?  How do you represent yourself?  You have your own electromagnetic field and can detect danger from a 27 mile radius.

Recognize that the other person is you.

When the time is on you start, and as soon as you start the pressure will be off.   Your words become YOU they become your reality.


Character:  when all of your characteristics are within your control, you control all of your own actions.  Without self-discipline we don’t have character that anyone can depend on.  Do NOT be a whim of your emotions, you have the power to correct your emotional response

Divinity:  get off the wheel of karma and into dharma.  In dharma you see things on a bigger scale.  Don’t retaliate like a ping-pong game – if you are fighting with someone, pray for them.  The show Sex and The City is JUST CRAZY; action and reaction, action and reaction.  But it is how most of the world lives – action and re-action. Pray for the souls who are caught in that cycle.  They miss life because stayed in the hamster wheel ~ We want to be :: ABOVE, LOOKING DOWN * PRAYING* Teaching another way to live. 

In every person there is a spark of love/God.  There is intelligence in every single person who comes before you.  Try to uplift them and elevate them to a place where they can stand on their own.  It’s not about making yourself perfect, but you are growing into your own higher self.

I am so evolved that I am coming to this planet to uplift, not to cut down.


The power of the mother.  If a woman starts to vibrate at a really high level she can start to connect to the soul of her child beforehand.  Before a child, it is important to cleanse the body and psyche to bring a higher intelligence unto the earth.

There are high souls who are waiting to come through and they need to come through conscious parents.  Souls do not come in until 120 days.  From 120 days to 4 years, everything that the mother experiences gets imprinted into the child.  Anyone born into weird circumstances is set up to grow consciously – you had to have those parents, that nationality, those circumstances, to grow.

For children you should imprint values early on so they can walk on their own feet.  Build the psyche in the children and make the child feel secure.  Introduce the soul to the world – the earth plane can scare them a lot.

Speak to your child with the deepest respect and highest values.

You can’t just walk away from somebody because they are injured or less than.  Use the power of your projection to influence those around you.  Let your presence speak.  Don’t try to convert anybody, ever – especially in a relationship.

Become beautiful, bright, healed and whole – become great and do your life.  Then that person will have a decision to make.  Change yourself first – what others do is their free choice

When a man is a child, his mother is a goddess.  Many women are not healed.  The moment that a woman projects herself in that way, the boy will become devastated.  They don’t have the ability to self-repair as well as a woman.

Women are insecure – they are seen as sexual objects at a lower level for manipulation purposes.  The women carry the energy of the home.  A man’s energy is the family – needs to be a stable force and make the woman feel secure.

People come into our lives because there is a karmic connection.

A man has an arcline from earlobe to earlobe – a woman has 2 arclines  .. another one form nipple to nipple so that the child can imprint with the mother.  The feelings across the heart go very deep to activate taking care of the family.    When a woman has sex w a man his auric field gets permanently blotched on her field – right into the heart arcline .. if someone has a higher consciousness the you get exaltation.  The imprint is stronger if both people orgasm, especially at the same time.

Looking sexy is a problem because you are for sale.  There is no basic deep relationship – it’s just hunting and desire.  The code of conduct is:  sale.  Everybody says how popular I can be, not how wise I can be.

Souls weave through the paths of time and space, coming together and apart again.  Set your course and go.

Teacher: “You will often find that the things you write are exactly the things others need to hear.  The truth always finds its way to the hearts of those who seek it.  As a book, a movie or a song, can leave you with a message you needed to hear to move forward, your words, your ideas, or anything else you share with your brothers and sisters, can be useful and to their benefit.”

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