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Snatam Kaur’s Healing Circle & Online Classes

I decided to start an online Meditation Circle with the healing mantra Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung.  This mantra is a way to connect with the elements that naturally exist within,  of the sun (Ra), the moon (Ma), the earth (Da), infinity (Sa) and the heavens (So Hung: I am Thou Oh Divine One). It brings one back to a still point, and this is where healing begins. Because we are all connected in the fabric of existence, then one can send that healing energy out through prayer.

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Waah Yantee — Creativity

This Mantra feels important for these times, when we are being asked to find creative and new ways to relate to ourselves, each other, our families, our work, and to this reality that we are all in. There are so many incredible modalities for wholistic healing available to us.

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What is Saturn Return?

Looking out my studio window this morning I can see Joshua Trees, spiky cholla cactus, and yucca shrubs lit up in golden white spikes in the penetrating first light of day. As a 3rd generation 3HO Kundalini Yogi who grew up in Española, New Mexico... the desert is...

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Kundalini Horoscope: June 15 – 21, 2020.

This is a big week astrologically, as the Summer Solstice approaches and is exact this Saturday. The Moon is waning - rising later and later in the night sky and each time appearing smaller and smaller, until she disappears completely this weekend at the time of the...

Kundalini Horoscope: June 8 – 14, 2020.

The Moon is waning this week. She is rising later and later after sunset each day, and each time appearing smaller and smaller in the night sky. As a result, you may feel your emotional reserves waning this week as well. It is a time to turn inward and meditate. It is...