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Love is Love: A New Release from GuruGanesha Band

You always know you are going to have fun when you hear the GuruGanesha Band play.  You'll find yourself in the midst of meditation, dancing, and extreme joy all mixed together.  That is the unique beauty of their music.  They don't take themselves too seriously.  The...

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#VoteKundaliniYoga this Grammy Season

Spirit Voyage is proud to have so many of our amazing artists on the 🎼GRAMMY BALLOT 🎼 this season. In honor of their inclusion, we have all of these albums up on Spirit Voyage Radio through December 5 when first round voting is over. #VoteKundaliniYoga this Grammy...

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Ajeet Kaur introduces Indigo Sea

Ajeet Kaur discusses the inspiration behind her album Indigo Sea "Song is a way of telling the story of your soul, sharing the experiences that can't really be put into words, these experiences of the heart, and bringing them to life through a song. [button...

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Kundalini Horoscope: April 22-28, 2019

The Moon is waning this week. We are coming down from the high of last week’s super-charged emotional high. This is a week to integrate and reflect on what we have learned. Choose yoga sets that are more meditative as opposed to those that are more physically...

Kundalini Horoscope: April 15-21, 2019

This is the culmination of energy that has been growing since the Aries New Moon a couple weeks ago. As a result, this is a week when we are growing our ideas, our riches, and our emotions. Don’t be surprised as the emotional tide swells to a high point by the end of the week. Truth is revealed and people are starting to howl!