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#VoteKundaliniYoga this Grammy Season

Spirit Voyage is proud to have so many of our amazing artists on the 🎼GRAMMY BALLOT 🎼 this season. In honor of their inclusion, we have all of these albums up on Spirit Voyage Radio through December 5 when first round voting is over. #VoteKundaliniYoga this Grammy...

Ajeet Kaur introduces Indigo Sea

Ajeet Kaur discusses the inspiration behind her album Indigo Sea "Song is a way of telling the story of your soul, sharing the experiences that can't really be put into words, these experiences of the heart, and bringing them to life through a song. [button...

Kundalini Horoscope: November 12 – 18, 2018

The big news on Friday is Mercury’s change in direction. He stations, which means he comes to a still point, and then turns retrograde, meaning that his apparent direction in the sky is backward. For the next three weeks, Mercury will be retrograde, meaning that all things ruled by Mercury seem to go haywire. This is the time when communication is off, directions get confused, and there are more mechanical and electrical breakdowns than usual. Travel delays are more common and our phones, printers, and computers fail to do what we want them to do!

Kundalini Horoscope – November 5-11, 2018

Our emotional reserves are down.  Don’t tax yourself unnecessarily. Don’t take on any extra commitments at this time. Conserve your energy . On Monday it is helpful if you work in teams. Don’t attempt anything alone. You are better off working with a partner…. Tuesday is Election Day for those in the United States. Get out and vote. Make sure that your voice is heard. The Moon moves into emotional Scorpio on Tuesday morning, suggesting that there may be some underhanded business going on during election day. The energy is likely to go to extremes. There could be an explosion of outrage from all sides. Scorpio has to do with manipulation and power plays…

The Tindu Story – An Interview with Mirabai Ceiba

In this video, Markus and Angelika discuss the beauty and heartbreak of experiencing the death of Tindu, the child of a very dear friend.  This little child’s life taught them lessons and inspired the beautiful song, Tindu, written in his honor.