What I’ve Learned So Far…ajeetsukhmanibanana
“When we love there are no barriers, no desires, no needs, no wants.”
-Yogi Bhajan
I’m quite sure that nothing matters more for a joyful life than the company we keep. I have stayed in so many cosy homes over the past year, and with each different life, each different home, the source of their joy was the same. The people in our lives are lights which surround us and help guide the way. So many other things grab for our attention, but I am grateful to have been reminded of the gift of love through our travels. Yoga and meditation can be private or solitary practices, but they help us be our best and most beautiful selves so that we can share that truest expression of who we are with the world. I have to say thank you to all of you absolutely wonderful hosts who have brought us into your homes over the past year, and inspired us to fill our lives with more love and laughs (especially the little yogis we’ve met along the way!).
I can’t think of anything more important than really enjoying each other, because that is just the best part of life, and we never know how many breaths we have together. I have been meditating on this a lot as my Aunt is in the process of transitioning out of this life. She is such a radiant and loving soul, so leaving her family is the hardest part. So maybe we need a new definition of a yogi. Maybe a yogi is someone who can truly love fearlessly. We come to live this life fully, love openly, uplift ourselves and others, and then be able to release it all without fear or hesitation. No wonder we need a daily practice to prepare ourselves for that kind of letting go! Whether it be in the little ways life asks us to let go, or the bigger ones like my Aunt is facing. It is my prayer for each of us that we can love with every breath, and be grateful for every moment we get with the people we love.
From the beginning Todd Boston and I set the intention for my new album At the Temple Door  to move like a day, starting at dawn and moving to sleep, or like a life, starting at birth and moving to death, the promise of rebirth. This is the natural cycle of all things, and how beautiful it is. Sa Ta Na Ma. Infinity, life, death and rebirth. So we ended the album with Antarjaamee which is really a love song to the Divine. It is part of a poem that is traditionally sung before going to sleep or when someone passes away. I offer you this album as a celebration of life, of love and of letting go. We inhale, and then we exhale and let it go…
May we each know the value of this breath, using it to serve, to uplift and to share with another.

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