God Laughs When We Make Plans
When I was in college a friend said this to me. It was a moment when my soul knew a change was coming, but my mind was grasping to know what that change would bring. He said, “Just relax. God laughs when we make plans anyways”. I loved that. There’s really no reason to plan every aspect of our lives, because as soon as we get it together it’s bound to fall apart. As soon as everything falls apart, something beautiful and unexpected is bound to rise from the ashes. If we always got what we wanted, there would be no surprises, and with no surprises life would really lose it’s juiciest moments.
Speaking of surprises, I’m feeling especially excited this week about Snatam’s new DVD, Recharge Yourself, that just came out. Here’s a bit of the story behind that class from my angle. It was one of those moments when God’s plan was so much more fun than ours. Sukhmani and I had been on tour with our guitarist, Ezra, leading up to Sat Nam Fest. We had played the night before but were so excited to get to Sat Nam Fest that we didn’t bother to get dressed nicely, not planning to do anything until the second day of the festival. Sukhmani was wearing this black Moo Moo with a picture of a girl holding a gun, shooting little hearts all over. If you haven’t seen Sukhmani’s off stage outfits, keep an eye out. They are truly awesome. This one reminded me of the long colorful moo moo outfits Yogi Bhajan used to wear a lot.
Yogi Bhajan in his orange mumu

Yogi Bhajan in his orange mumu

So, we were almost at Sat Nam Fest and we got a text from Snatam saying that her band wasn’t there yet, asking us to join her for her class starting in a half hour. We looked at our GPS and it said we would be there in 23 minutes. Ezra drove a little faster, and by some miracle we made it there. When we got to Sat Nam Fest he drove us right up to the back door. We slipped in and without stopping went right on stage. Sukhmani managed to slip off while we did a quick sound check and put something white on (I guess the moo moo may have become a focal point if she had kept it on) and then we just tuned in and started the class. I was expecting to sing harmonies for Snatam, but before I knew it she was in archer pose nudging me to play something. We had all played together before, but this class was really the seed beginning to blossom into the idea of an all ladies band. It was just so much fun!
So, the journey continues for each of us to silence that little inner control freak and to deeply trust. There’s a mantra in this tradition that I always use to remind myself to let the universe take the wheel, and to surrender to whatever the journey brings. Whenever I don’t know what to do, or even what to pray for, I chant this mantra.
Ardaas means prayer, and Yogi Bhajan gave us this mantra as a way of praying for that beautiful plan to unfold that only our souls can know. Our minds and hearts don’t even have to know what they are praying for. This mantra is the title track of my upcoming album, At The Temple Door, and also the sound track to my life lately! I play it, listen to it, walk it, breathe it, and try my best to be it in every moment. I invite you to join me, and let’s open ourselves to the perfect wisdom that weaves each of our lives and this world around us.

The DVD of Snatam Kaur and Ajeet Kaur’s class

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