We invite you to check out this beautiful music video, featuring the track Wah Yantee from the debut album Ascend by Shunia.

Suzanne Jackson, from Shunia, shares the following about this haunting and mesmerizing track: “I wrote the music for the Wah Yantee chant while in my Kundalini Yoga teacher training. It is a song that came directly from my soul. I have been on the yogic path for 20-years now and have been on the Christian path since birth. I have merged these two sacred life paths and now they are brought together in this soul song from my heart. The idea to weave a beautiful section of the Lord’s Prayer (“Hallowed be thy name, Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done”) with Wah Yantee came to me as I was sitting at the piano one evening. Wah Yantee is an ancient mantra of creativity and intuition written by Patanjali who is the father of the yoga sutras.

Creating this visual expression of the music with Lisa Reagan Love, Tabitha Colmary, and so many of my dear friends was a sacred moment in life I will never forget. We tell a story of faith, women, community, friendship, spirituality, nature and love through music, dance and cinematography. Hoping this song and video are a breath of fresh air for the times!”

Listen to more tracks from “Ascend” here!





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