Sat nam Laurie Ann!

Here is your numerology reading for birthday 6/14/1962.

The soul number is an internal challenge and suggests what may be blocking you from connecting more deeply with your own soul.  It represents how you feel about yourself and provides clues to what you need in order to achiever inner peace.

Your soul number is a 5. The number five corresponds to the physical body.  Having a 5 as a soul number means you may under or over regard the physical body.  You may have a difficult relationship with your own self image and feel like your body is full of flaws.  You can have a tendency to feel like you can’t help yourself and that you need others to help you.

You can help move through your soul challenge by strengthening your physical body.  Any physical activity will help you achieve a sense of peace with your body.

The karma number represents what is blocking you from manifesting the outer reality that you truly desire.  It also represents how you are seen by others.

Your karma number is a six.  You can be seen as indecisive and may have a tendency towards the “monkey mind.”  You can sometimes have difficultly being consistent in word and deed.  Strengthening your arc line and your third eye (Try the Sa Ta Na Ma mantra or Kirtan Kriya) will help you become more consistent within yourself and improve your projection.

The gift number is your birthright strength.  It’s a gift to use in this lifetime.

Your gift number is an 8.  This means you are energetic and connected to Divine Source.  You are fearless and believe in abundance.  You have mental mastery and may have the ability to transfer energy to others.  You have a gift for looking beyond polarity. You’re a great long term planner.  If you feel the need to enhance your gifts, build your pranic body.  Any pranayama, such as Breathe of Fire, will help strengthen your pranic body.

The destiny number is something that you have learned from past lives that helps you in this life dealing with challenges.

Your destiny number is a 9.  This corresponds to your Subtle Body. This means that you are great at the big picture perspective.  You have the ability be long term in thinking and have access to the akashic records.  You can access information that you need at will and can see, feel and know more than many.

The path number is a general life challenge.  It indicates which action is most necessary for overall fulfillment.

Your path number is an 11.  This corresponds to all of the ten bodies.  You have a sense of mission in this life.  You need to succeed and be confident in your accomplishments.  Become a constant example of consciousness.   Consider doing the Aquarian Sadhana in the Amrit Vela.

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