Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 12.53.07 PMThe month of February highlights one of the great emotional paradigms we experience in life. We are wanting to reach out and connect with others in a bold and powerful way, while at the same time considering how fast we can retreat if things don’t work out so well. The number 2 of this month represents issues of polarity, protection, and a dash of longing for something we have yet to experience. This will affect us in the area of social connectivity, and new opportunities will unfold giving way to explore relationships we may not have allowed ourselves to previously consider.

In using the word “relationship”, I mean this in the broadest sense of the word. For example, a conservative man working in a middle management position may find himself oddly drawn to hire a young fellow who has three nose piercings and a Mohawk hair style. This motivation can come from the thought, ”Well, I think we just need to shake things up a bit around here, so let’s give the alien a chance!”  We will also have the opportunity to consider drawing in different types of people to our personal lives, whether it be friendship, romance, or otherwise. If you would like to see a perfect illustration of this, watch the movie “Blast from the Past” starring Brendan Fraser and Alicia Silverstone. It’s a cute, witty romantic comedy about a “dating weary” Los Angeles girl who serendipitously runs into a young man who is real, fresh and sincere. She absolutely can’t believe someone like him could exist, so she does everything possible to sabotage the relationship. However, good does prevail, and the movie has a happy ending.

We are now wanting a happy beginning, middle, and ending to our new pursuits, and this longing will be further fueled by number 5 appearing in the Heart calculation for February. Since the overall number for 2012 is a 5 (2+0+1+2=5), this creates double 5‘s for the month, so we can expect to see an extra surge of restlessness and curiosity. Five represents exploring new territories and breaking old boundaries and rules. Adventure onward, just don’t get too crazy, as in skiing down a black diamond ski run (most difficult), if you’ve only previously mastered the beginners slope. On this note, our young people (or, children in an adult body), are vulnerable to taking a dare at this time. One boy may say to another, “You wimp, I bet you can’t cross the frozen lake by yourself!”  If the other child accepts the dare, he may find himself up to his neck in a situation that is near impossible to get out of. Our young people need to be trained to have healthy boundaries in every area of their lives. Too much of our youth are falling through the cracks at this time.

There are four “thin ice” days in February, and they are the 5th, 14th, 23rd, and 29th.   In case you missed it the first time around, “Don’t take the dare, don’t go for the bait.”  Wait!  The right opportunity or adventure always has a reasonable safety net.

The Water Element is challenged throughout the month, so be extra cautious in driving and walking in snow, rain, or fog.  Also, heated vapors can be dangerous, so watch out for steam or fumes of any variety.  An obvious example of his would be to wait a few hours to check your car’s radiator if you suspect it is low on coolant.  Another less than obvious example might be to check the temperature of a beverage before gulping it down.

Remember, we are approaching a planetary alignment on December 21st of this year that hasn’t happened in 26,000 years. The constantly shifting gravitational  alignment we  are in, and still approaching, is affecting the Earth and people’s physical bodies. We are composed of approximately 60% water (the human brain is 70% water), so you can see the potential for imbalance in the human psyche. How to deal with this? Fortunately in the yogic realm there is always a way to create a positive flow of the psyche. You are never alone, you will never be out of luck if you chant this simple mantra in a special yogic rhythm.

The mantra is “Guru, Guru, Wahe Guru, Guru Ram Das Guru”. I especially like the version on the “Heavens Touch” CD. In this meditation the mantra is chanted 5 times per breath, so it is a faster rhythm than usual. This mantra brings an “emergency saving grace”, and helps to balance the 5 tattvas (elements). You will need this balance to sustain you as the year unfolds. There are fantastic opportunities for us all as we approach 12-21-2012, but if the 2 tires on the right side of your car are full, and the 2 on the left side are flat, you’re not really going anywhere.

Number 5 represents the Earth Element, and we need to be “sure footed” as we walk through our lives and encounters with others. Knowing the consequence of the sequence we set in motion is essential, as there is little time to catch up the difference. Determine now what you can gracefully maintain in your life. Re-set your boundaries to allow for a buffer of adjustment when necessary. Put to rest any delusional fantasies you have about people you don’t really know. Unbridled passion can cost you dearly at this time. We all have a shadow side, and if you allow it the reins you may end up tossed in a ditch.

Our prayers are very powerful now, and by focusing on our own Soul’s energy through a spiritual practice, we can experience a positive breakthrough which will enhance all  opportunities available to us his year.

(Editor’s Note: To learn more about numerology, read “The Basics of Yogic Numerology”.)

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