The month of November invites us to look at the relationships in our lives, and ask the question, “Are you with me or not?” We are now craving an intense loyalty and intimacy of an emotional and spiritual nature. This longing will propel people into a new realm of boldness in their communication and actions.

There is something stirring in the Universe at this time, and it is connected to the 12-21-2012 cosmic time-clock shift. There will be a palatable ripple in the electromagnetic field of the Earth, and as things accelerate not everyone will be in a position to “hold the curve.” There will be a spike in the amount of people looking for answers in the realm of spirituality and the self-help section of the book store, as well as an increase in people who choose to medicate themselves. We have officially hit the zone of “no middle ground.” This will create a lot of social and political tensions. However, I am going to focus on another area of interest, and that would primarily be, you!

Part of the motivating force for change in our lives will be an inability to suffer on with, or stifle ourselves in the emotional barbed wire of dysfunctional relationships. We want to be loved and appreciated for who we really are, and not for what we are able to bear the burden of enduring. One of the most poetically beautiful songs I have ever heard is: “In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel. In this song he sings, “All my instincts, they return. The grand facade so soon will burn. Without a noise, without my pride, I reach out from the inside.” Oh my, what a gorgeous insight and revelation! To peel away that which we thought we needed to survive in this world, and return to a place where our original self can rest gently again on the river of life, knowing that we have everything we need to successfully fulfill our life’s purpose. This is realized by being able to maintain a space of inner tranquility, and inner tranquility is achieved only through a meditative mind.

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November requires not so much a road map to traverse, as it does a shift in the way you have been driving. Slowly accelerating and decelerating is a common tip for saving money on fuel, and this driving tip will also save you from miscalculating the movement and momentum of your physical body in relation to the electromagnetic shift that will happen this month. There is going to be a mega-jump in the electromagnetic energy being released on planet Earth starting November 11, 2012, and as life moves more swiftly, we need to be aware of how we are moving through the world. Similar to a vinyl record skipping a beat, some people’s brains will “skip” and be unaware of what is happening around them. This will obviously create havoc in driving, and it will also affect us in the area of communication. A statement of, ‘I told you to pick me up by 5:00!” will be answered by, “No, I never heard you say that at all.”

The number 11 (November) represents spiritual alignment and harmony in relationships. Balance is everything now, and if someone is consistently tipping the canoe, you may need to drop them off at the shoreline. Relationships that capsize the boat will become too costly to endure. Let that person learn another way, and not at your expense.

Looking to the bold and expansive side of November, it is interesting to note that we are approaching the final 40 days before our 12-21-2012 cosmic time-clock shift. The reason I keep mentioning this date is because it only happens every 26,000 plus years! How special you must be to be part of the “transition team” for the well-being of humanity at this time. You only have to look at the headlines of the newspaper over to see that not everyone is having an easy life right now, and yet there is still a way to be happy and successful. Yogi Bhajan spoke of a “humongous emptiness” engulfing the planet at this time, and further stated, “You have no idea the problems this will create.” We are certainly seeing and sometimes experiencing the repercussions of people’s angry actions, and yet the answer is closer than you think. This month I’m opting for an extra song instead of a movie, and the Canadian rock group “Nickelback” (Oh, you didn’t know I was so cool!) has an answer in their song “If Everyone Cared.” Chad Kroeger sings, “If everyone cared and nobody cried, if everyone loved and nobody lied. If everyone shared and swallowed their pride, then we’d see the day when nobody died.” If you click onto this link and watch the video, it counts the same as going to church on Sunday. I just saved myself 3 hours!

The biggest difference you can make right now to break free of the relentless sameness of life, is to get involved. This year has a gift of 12 (2012), and 12 is the number of tribes. Adopt a rescue dog, volunteer at a crisis hotline center, feed the poor at a shelter, or join others to create change in a way that is meaningful to you. Think you and a handful of others can’t make a difference? In the words of the great anthropologist Margaret Mead,

“Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

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