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SNFW_2015_Sun_small-178Music has united us throughout human history. Endless sounds bring us together through time and space to celebrate, pray, honor, heal, love, and uplift ourselves, and our communities.

It is part of our  human nature to search for our tribe, we feel an innate need to gather with our spiritual family and share ourselves. From time to time, our heart reminds us to find like-minded people where we can discover and express our heart and soul.

We know that when we find quiet and stillness,  we can hear the call of our family. A voice that SNFW_2015_Sun_small-126resonates deep within asking us to show up with our divine presence. This calling opens our hearts and life responds showing us the infinite opportunities.

One day of early Spring I received a powerful call to be part of Spirit Voyage´s Yoga and Music Festival. Life was offering me, once again, the gift to gather with the Kundalini Yoga family.

People of all ages, different paths, religions, and countries found our way to experience Sat Nam Fest West at the beautiful desert of Joshua Tree – one of the most amazing natural landscapes – SNFW_2015_Sun_small-534 where we found our  temporary home for five amazing days.

Family of all races, sizes and color, experienced yogis, beginners, and lovers of music and spiritual gatherings, came together to live a beautiful experience for body, mind and soul.

The incredible opportunity to receive classes, concerts, workshops and delicious food nourished all of us deeply. We found the perfect place to experience sacred ancient teachings and music and sacred sounds that awakened our soul and opened our SNFW_2015_Sun_small-407awareness.

Once again, my heart melted, my being soften and I felt immersed in a beautiful environment where love, peace, beauty and harmony was everywhere. As I walked through the facilities, all my senses
where uplifted through amazingly colorful stages, inspiring quotes, loving people, smiles, and heartfelt hugs.

Suddenly, my vision of life was completely changed.  I found myself  in a sacred space where I could recognize my true self in the other´s eyes, a place where I felt safe to be me and be loved for who I SNFW_2015_Sun_small-147am. Every class made me connect with my emotions and vulnerabilities, my power and my inner wisdom. The community love I felt allowed  me to feel free to feel, dance, laugh, expand, and cry.

More than ever I felt part of a spiritual family, where everyone is open to learn, experience, share,  love and excel.

I am deeply grateful with Sat Nam Fest and Spirit Voyage for creating this amazing opportunity to empower ourselves, to express our hearts,  and to become one with the group and with all. My whole being is still
overflowing with gratitude, love and SNFW_2015_Sat_small-101infinite blessings.

I know that everyone who joined could see the love, feel the love and be love. We had an amazing opportunity to come home renewed, inspired, and with new powerful tools to keep up, bringing the festival home to our loved ones, keeping this magic experience always in our hearts.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Sat Nam.


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