What is 11-11-11?  What is the Aquarian Age?  What tools did Yogi Bhajan leave us during these times?  Under the guidance of senior teacher Nirvair Singh from the Kundalini Research Institute, we’ll learn Kundalini yoga mantras for the Aquarian Age and other tips, tools and information. Nirvair has authored several books and produced many DVDs on Kundalini Yoga.  You can ask him questions by calling in at 888 55 UNITY.

November 10 at 5pm EST on www.unity.fm, Ramdesh will host Spirit Voyage Radio with Ramdesh “11-11-11”.  Tune in live, on the unity.fm archives after the show, or download our free podcast from Itunes and never miss another episode!

Nirvair's comprehensive book on the Art and Science of Kundalini yoga was used as a college textbook!

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