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At Spirit Voyage, we’ve long known how amazing Nirinjan Kaur’s album “Adhara” is.  Her music, along with her album “Prem Siri” (and the mixes of her upcoming album to-be-named) are played and chanted with and enjoyed around our offices.  So imagine how excited we are to announce that Adhara is now #1 on the UK Itunes AND Amazon New Age charts!

Released in 2010, this album is a masterful production by Hans Christian. Nirinjan Kaur created an incredible collection of rich, powerful and deeply moving Kundalini chants, Gurbani kirtan and devotional songs wrapped in layers of cello, acoustic guitar, bansuri flute, sarangi, sitara, nyckelharpa, tablas and more.

Superstar comedian and devoted Kundalini yogi Russell Brand recently went on the Desert Island Discs Radio show on the BBC and shared his favorite songs, which included tunes from Amy Winehouse, Morrissey, Ravi Shankar and The Libertine’s.  Asked his favorite, the one he would choose to take with him on a desert island if he could only pick one, he chose Nirinjan Kaur’s Triple Mantra, a mantra for protection from her album Adhara. (Want to hear the whole interview?  Click here.)

The listeners were so impressed by her beautiful voice, their rush to purchase the album shot her straight up the charts!  It’s so special for us to see someone so talented and so humble be honored in such a public way.  And more important, we are thrilled that the sacred sound current will be reaching so many more people in the UK.  Good choice, Russell!


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