Relaxation is one of the reasons many of us get into yoga. It’s that soothing feeling we have at the end of a tough kriya when the peaceful melody of a mantra or the vibrations of the gong permeate every cell to consolidate our efforts. We carry that relaxation through our actions throughout the day and week. In class the teacher’s music choices expose you to new sounds. When you’re at home you can get stuck in a rut with the same music. Don’t get me wrong, we all have our favorites that we go back to, but sometimes you crave a certain sound and you may not even know what it is, but you know when you hear it. It’s good to experiment with new yoga music for relaxation and sets to keep your practice fresh and get past the should’s. You know the should’s, “I should do my practice today, but… (insert excuse here).” Good music can uplift and motivate you through challenging postures and motivate you to practice.

There are some great new albums from Spirit Voyage artists that can take you into a blissful relaxation. Of course you can also use these soothing mantras in the background when you sip your favorite cup of tea or soak in the bubble bath.

If you’re new to relaxation and could use some guidance, Ramdesh brings Mirabai Ceiba’s beautiful music together with her own soothing instructions for a “Guided Meditation for Relaxation” on the new Journey Into Stillness. The other soothing meditations will have you floating on an ocean of peace as well.

Diving deeper into Mirabai Ceiba’s music, Angelica and Marcus’ voices meld together so beautifully on Awakened Earth that there will be no tension left in your body when you awaken from your dreamy relaxation. “Guru Ram Das Rakho Sarnaee” takes you into a deep healing space and “Aad Gurey Nameh” has a lullaby quality with soft vocals. You might want to set it on repeat and just keep going!

Speaking of lullabies, the uplifting sound of Snatam’s voice singing the Sikh evening prayer on the aptly named “Evening Prayer” will have you easily resting in the protective field of Mother Earth after an evening practice, ready for a peaceful night’s slumber. Her “Mere Ram” on the Ras album is a melodic love song to the infinite to fill you with the love of the cosmos as you release all your worries.

If you’re looking for a whole CD of relaxation music that you can use for ambiance, Nirinjan Kaur’s etheric voice on her new album Prem Siri creates a feeling of tranquility that soothes the heart and soul. The songs melt together with her voice gliding through the soft notes of the accompanying instruments.

If you’re looking to really learn how to relax and feel as your body responds to the work you’ve done, try the “Stress Set for the Adrenals and Kidneys” in Guru Rattana’s Relax and Renew. This set helps to renew your kidneys and adrenals, it’s a great basic set, but the best part comes at the end, you get to relax for an hour! This helps your body integrate the exercises and you can tune yourself closely to the relaxation and healing mechanisms in your body as you float on the sound of the great music you’ve just picked. Peaceful rests!

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