Recently, Deva Singh Khalsa, our director of wholesale sales at Spirit Voyage, tipped me off to a new product.  “You’ve got to check out Hari Tea, Ramdesh,” he said.  I shrugged.  I mean, I love tea.  I don’t drink coffee or take in any forms of caffeine, so I enjoy a nice cup of decaf tea when I can get it, especially in the cold months.  But I wasn’t hopping up and down excited to try it.  Tea is tea, isn’t it?

Then my sample of Hari Tea Inner Connection (all Organic and made from Roobios and Thyme with lemongrass, honeybush, cardamom, peppermint, cinnamon, peppermint, black pepper, lemon myrtle, orange peel or rose petals) arrived.  The box is pretty and the herbs are loosely encased in a cloth satchel.  It was like the tea you’d find at a luxury 5 star resort someplace exotic.  “Fancy,” I thought.  Then I drank it.

Holy guacamole, Batman!  Heavens to Betsy if Hari Tea isn’t some of the best tea I’ve ever had!  Delicious and flavorful, without any traces of bitterness or the grassy taste I so often find in herbal teas.  I’ve been drinking it almost constantly ever sense.  Now that I’m down to the final few bags in the box, am I going to order another box on  Well…kind of.  I am going to order more, but I have to put an order in for a case.  For tea this good a box just won’t do.

Now I know what I can get my friends as stocking stuffers this year for Christmas!

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