Music is such an integral part of Kundalini YogaMantra and chanting can be healing on so many levels and can invoke different emotions depending on what your listening to.  If you are reading this blog article, chances are you have some interest in Kundalini Yoga music.   Maybe you’ve experienced a blissful state while chanting along, or perhaps you can’t get one of the songs played in a yoga class out of your head.  Surely there are many people that would agree that there is something about this music that sets it apart from other styles.

So what is this something?!  What makes Kundalini yoga music so powerful, and different than other types of music? The answer is in The Naad.

Heal Me by Simran Kaur Khalsa

On the most basic level, mantra is the use of sound to affect consciousness.  In Kundalini Yoga, mantras are words and phrases, often in Gurmuki*, that are chanted or sung to invoke the positive power contained in those particular syllables.  The use of mantra in this way is very effective in attaining two particular goals of the practice— expansion of the Self and elevation of the Spirit. All that exists in the universe, broken down to its simplest parts, is in motion.  Furthermore, everything carries a specific rate or frequency of vibration.   Kundalini mantras have a very pure vibratory frequency.  When chanted, sung, or spoken, these mantras can have a profound affect on one’s consciousness and well-being.

Prem Siri by Nirinjan Kaur

This process of transformation can be explained by the science of Naad.  Chanting sacred mantras is one way to experience The Naad, which is totally balanced universal sound.  The exact pattern and frequency of the mantra vibration is funneled from the outer ear to the inner ear and then straight to the brain.  These vibrations then directly affect the neuro-endocrine system of the body.  The interplay of the tongue on the 84 meridian points of the upper palate of the mouth and the action of the lips, nose, throat, and the air passages of the body are directly linked to chemical and hormonal secretions in the brain and glandular system.  You just can’t get this kind of effect from listening to pop music! (…no matter how much you love it!)


Evening Prayer – Kirtan Sohila by Snatam Kaur

Yogi Bhajan said “Naad is the vibratory magnetic affection and affiliation of all fiber and fabric of the man’s facet in connection with the total psyche.”  In other words, this stuff connects you right to your soul.

If you aren’t familiar with Kundalini music, check out the Kundalini music section at Spirit Voyage.  You’ll be able to sample all songs with their Music Player.   With all the variety you’ll be able to find the Kundalini music that resonates with you, bringing your consciousness into The Naad, and connecting you to your spirit.

*the most common script used for writing the Punjabi language in India.



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