The Journey Home by Gurunam Singh

When I first began practicing Kundalini Yoga, it was enjoyable but not noticeably transformational like everyone described. I remember going through the movements, feeling good yet finding the music quite strange. I didn’t understand it and at that time, really didn’t want to. Then, like it was meant just for me, a new album was released and it changed my life. Through it, I realized that I was holding back my own growth and transformation. I just wouldn’t let go. I wouldn’t trust.

The very first few notes of Gurunam Singh’s collection, aptly named, “The Journey Home” open the door of my heart and share a promise of comfort. His sincere voice soothingly flows through my ears and into my soul. This song lets me know that everything is perfect and I can always trust myself.  I remember the class where I first heard this version of “Ong Namo” and it is one of my fondest Kundalini Yoga memories. I could feel the warmth emanating from the speakers and cradling me through a challenging emotional moment. This was when I fully understood the transformational possibilities within my practice. It still brings a flutter to my heart and renders me defenseless.

I learned the Pavan Guru mantra by chanting along with Gurunam Singh’s version. At first I was resistant, trying to get all the words just right, stumbling, opening my eyes to look at the words on the white board and looking around to see if anyone else was having as much trouble as I was. Full of mistrust once again! Then, like a wave, it surged over and through me and all I could do was surrender. Chanting and chanting, I never wanted the song to end. Once I trusted myself, I was able to go deeper. Letting go to have a truly transcendent experience.

Almost a soundtrack to my life, “Dukh Par Har” chronicles the quest from pain to peace. The struggle is palpable in this version of the mantra. It brings up feelings of pain and discomfort only to coax me beyond them. As the mantra brings me from pain to peace, this track allows me to step back and see the conflict in order to recognize the stillness within.

“Thou Art the Lover” melodiously brings an end to this album. After such a deeply trying and rewarding journey, I feel like this closing is a blessing and a gift. Tears flow freely as I listen to this song and realize that I am Divine. Full of love, the lover and beloved, I am home in me.

Truly an odyssey, The Journey Home leads me on an adventure in trust. An adventure to show me my quiet center, my soul and inspire me to listen. Just as this collection challenges me, it also awakens, soothes and calms me. This album is truly the soundtrack for my journey home and I invite you all to join me for the voyage.

Akaljas Kaur

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