Todd Boston’s Alive

By Ram Dass Khalsa

I am a picky music listener.  You might find this odd if you knew my day-to-day life— my head is constantly filled with sound, melody, harmony, and rhythm.  My life is saturated with music. I can hardly get through a conversation with someone without a song popping into my head and getting stuck there on repeat.  My job is to help others create their visions of music into real, enjoyable music.  It is because of this saturation that I have a pretty intense filter regarding the music that I enjoy.  I listen to copious amounts of music, but only a fraction of the music that I listen to gets added to my iPod playlists over and over again.

I can say without a doubt that Todd Boston’s new album, Alive, will be music that my thumb will scroll to again and again in days and months to come.  This album describes itself— it’s alive.  It is music that will fill your days with comfort and joy.  To say that the album is pleasant is an understatement.  The sound is extremely clear and the compositions are beautifully played.  Todd Boston is a tremendous musician— on the album he plays finger-style acoustic guitar (often utilizing live looping techniques), as well as bansuri flute.  Joining him is his longtime musical partner from Urban Nature Music, Ramesh Kannan— a fluid, sensitive, and all-around exceptional percussionist.  The innovative electric cellist, Matthew Schoening, also accompanies him.

The result of this combination is an exquisite instrumental album.  Each track creates a unique tone— from “3am” to “Twilight” to  “Sunday Morning”.  When listening to the album, I found myself feeling optimistic, smiling, and generally feeling the way I want to be feeling during a day.  And now that I listen again and again, I am finding that the music is growing on me.  With each repetition, it is getting more and more accessible, enjoyable, and leaving me feeling alive.  You will be doing yourself a favor by adding this wonderful album to your collection.

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