Music and Mantras for Valentine’s Day

Don’t you sometimes wish you could just sing someone into your life?  You know, just step out onto the balcony, open your mouth, and utter few a melodious sacred sounds and then sit back and watch as, through the gathering mists, your One True Loves suddenly appears, walking forward and singing the same sacred song?

This scenario isn’t as fanciful as it sounds. In fact, I can’t tell you how many couples I’ve met recently who told me they met—and fell in love—at kirtans.  There’s something about chanting that, quite simply, makes you fall in love with the world. And all the people within it. So, if you’re looking for love this Valentine’s Day but don’t know where to start, why not start with a song?

Divine Love Mantra – Aham Prema


The basic meaning of the mantra “Aham Prema” is “I Am Divine Love.” When you chant this mantra you are declaring that your basic true nature is love—Divine Love. Such a powerful (and irrefutable) declaration creates a vibration of pure love within and around you and instantly attracts other like-minded and love-minded beings.  This mantra is often recited by those who wish to attract a spiritually-based relationship. And that is a special kind of relationship indeed.

Aham Prema is also a good mantra for those suffering from bouts of self-hatred or self-loathing. (A condition which, unfortunately, can be compounded by holidays such as Valentine’s Day). The “I” that tries to declare hates its “self” is quickly dissolved into a pure vibration of Divine Love.  You’ll find this mantra embracing you the way mother embraces a child.

The angelic artist Ashana, along with her singing bowls, delivers a transcendent version that feels (and sounds) like a lullaby on “The Infinite Heart”.


While sultry songstress Donna De Lory offers up a funky dance version of “Aham Prema” on her album “Remixes.” (Who said chanting couldn’t be sexy?)


Mantra to Attract a Soul Mate – Mangala Saaj Bhai-aa


Mangala Saaj Bhai-aa is a gorgeous and potent shabd which helps overcome loneliness and attract a soul mate.  Masters say that if a woman chants this shabd 11 times per day for 90 days, she will attract her “perfect husband.”

In fact, recording artist Sat Purkh Kaur Khalsa actually met her future husband as a result of recording her own version of this shabd for her album “Queen Be.” Sat Purkh says she wasn’t even looking for a husband or a mate at the time, but that the powerful vibrations of this shabd vibrated him right into her life nevertheless.  “A student of mine had asked me to record this shabd because she wanted something to practice with,” Sat Purkh explains. “So I did. I included a chorus of ‘ram ram ram’ and added a bag pipe because I had the sense of longing…a calling out over the hillsides to the beloved. Here’s the funny part: My husband, when he did arrive, is Welsh and a devotee of Ram. So careful what you pray for–even when you’re not praying for yourself!”

Both Sat Purkh and her husband feel that their marriage was arranged “in the ethers” before they even met. Whenever I hear their story, I get chills.  It reminds me to never, ever underestimate the power of mantra and prayer.

I’m going to give you the translation of Mangala Saaj Bhai-aa first, because it’s such an enchanting piece of poetry:

The time of rejoicing has come! I sing of my Lord God.
I have heard of my Imperishable Husband Lord,

and happiness fills my mind.
My mind is in love with Him;

When shall I realize my great good fortune,
and meet with my Perfect Husband?
If only I could meet the Lord of the Universe,

and be automatically absorbed into Him;
tell me how, O my companions!
Day and night, I stand and serve my God;

how can I attain Him?
Pray Nanak, have mercy on me,

and attach me to the hem of Your robe, O Lord.

Here’s the text:

Mangala saaj bhai-aa prabh apnaa gaa-i-aa raam.
Abhinaasee var suni-aa man upji-aa chaa-i-aa raam.
Man preet laagä vadä bhaagä kab milee-ä puran patay.
Sehjay samaa-ee-ä govind paa-ee-ä dayho sakhee-ay mohi matay.
Din rän thaadhee kara-o sayvaa prabh kavan jugtee paa-i-aa.
Binvant naanak karahu kirpaa lähu mohi larh laa-i-aa.


Lately I’ve been listening to a very traditional version of Mangala Saaj recorded by revered Punjabi singer Bhai Ravinder Singh Ji. I love the pared-down sound of harmonium, tabla, and male voices. Here’s a sampler from Youtube and the song can be purchased on iTunes:


I also love Sat Purkh Kaur’s version from her 2011 CD “Queen Be: The Goddess Within.”  Our talented musician gave this shabd a breezy, Celtic sound by adding piano, flutes and bagpipes.


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