Miri Piri Academy is a board school located in Amritsar, India, founded by Yogi Bhajan.  Aware of the challenges people would be facing the Aquarian Age, Yogi Bhajan had the vision to create a school where students would gain not only the academic tools needed to become successful, but also the emotional and spiritual tools required to become the leaders and healers of the future.  Yogi Bhajan taught that “The outer education provided by the information revolution must be matched by an inner education in wisdom, self-control, intuition, and the use of the neutral mind. We need stamina under stress, clarity of values for decisions, and a new base of identity.”  Miri Piri Academy combines a rigorous academic curriculum with daily yoga and spiritual practice, to provide its students with a well-rounded education that will serve them the rest of their lives.

Miri Piri Academy serves students from 3rd through 12th grade.  Students from countries around the world come to Miri Piri Academy, and receive an academic education certified by the University of Cambridge International Examinations.  Additionally, students practice Kundalini yoga daily, and 11th and 12th grade students participate in Kundalini yoga Teacher Training and graduate as Level 2 IKYTA Certified Kundalini yoga teachers.  Spiritual life at Miri Piri Academy is based on Sikh principles, though students from all religious backgrounds are welcome at Miri Piri.

As a boarding school in located in India, and serving an international base of students, the cost of tuition is a factor in the ability of students to attend Miri Piri Academy.  Around 70% of the students who attend Miri Piri receive some form of financial assistance to make their attendance possible.  Miri Piri works hard to make sure that each child who wants to attend is able to do so, and they greatly rely on donations to make this happen.

You can support Miri Piri Academy through their website, or attend events like Kundalini Rising in Los Angeles, on January 12th, 2013.  Kundalini Rising is a 12 hour event bringing together Kundalini yoga workshops, meditations, and a concert headlined by Snatam Kaur, with all profits being given to Miri Piri Academy’s scholarship fund.  Kundalini Rising is a great way to experience the power of Kundalini yoga for yourself, and ensure that a new generation of children will be able to experience it at Miri Piri Academy.

For more information about Miri Piri Academy, visit their website www.miripiriacademy.org.

For information about Kundalini Rising, visit www.kundalinirisingla.com.  To buy tickets for Kundalini Rising, click here.

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