Miracles at Kripalu with Snatam and Karena   

“I do not Believe in Miracles.  I rely on them.” ~ Yogi Bhajan

The Miracle Mantra has the capacity to cultivate incredible miracles. I was even more astonished by the power of this miracle mantra while teaching at Kripalu this past weekend, and I am feeling so inspired to share this technique for miracles with you all.  This mantra is a gift, and it is absolutely magical.

The effects of chanting penetrate into the aura – beyond what we can comprehend with our intellect – so please open your heart to receive this blessing.  I feel compelled to share this, because we are all in need of this incredible light at this time. It becomes fully available when we let go of our own personal resistances.  The problem this addresses is that we can actually block our own imagination with the limits of the mind. We forget the amazing gifts that are continuously flowing to us, and we become stuck in obsessive mental games. Energy blockages and vibrational densities in our bio-energetic fields are created by our very own perceptions.

The Miracle Mantra of Guru Ram Das heals these very blockages and vibrational densities. The mantra creates a balance in the mind so that we can open our heart and manifest the beautiful thoughts of love that are our true nature.

The infinite power of Grace in this repetitive mantra will awaken your soul so that you can experience the miracles that are surrounding you now. Chanting the Miracle Mantra transforms any form of fear or darkness into Love and light. You will heal the auric space around your body so you become illuminated in a frequency of the most miraculous attraction, and the power within your soul will prevail over the chatter of your fears.  This beautiful mantra shifts your vibration from fear to love, and that is a miracle in itself.

I arrived at Kripalu early to plan the program with my amazing co-teacher, Snatam Kaur. Our conversation turned to the intensity of solar activity that has been taking place, and the importance of letting go of the resistances that hold us back from living a life of flowing bliss. I found myself opening to my own fears, and how I have learned to use the force of love and the power of gratitude to eradicate my mind chatter. One of the greatest gifts of Kundalini Yoga is that it works so quickly to shift us out of our resistances and into the light.

The truth is that many people are struggling at this time.  We work really hard, but the disappointments can really hurt.  I know some of you reading this are feeling so much hopelessness, and an urge to just surrender your striving.  This is the time of really letting go, and the universal force is exasperating our biggest insecurities.  You are not alone in your pain.  Please trust this technology, and know you have been divinely led to read about this now.

On Saturday afternoon at Kripalu, there were many tears in the room, and so much rebirthing was taking place. Yet, by Sunday morning after 31 minutes of chanting a brand new light came into the energy field, and the room literally changed color. The aura around each person expanded, and the vibration of the room began to glow with a mist of silence with sound.  There are no words to explain the beauty, but I am carrying it still, and am receiving emails and phone calls from students who are as well. I believe we awakened a sparkling vibration within us that will never change.  The miracle that we experienced is available for you as well.  I know how easy it is for all of us to get caught in the mind trap, and I urge you to open yourself to the Love and the Miraculous light that pours forth when we plug into Spirit.  For me, I recognize that the times I feel sad of afraid are the times when I have unplugged from God.  Let’s all connect again… it is our natural state, and together we can uplift one another with the remembrance of Divinity.  I truly believe in the miraculous power of prayer.  Will you join me?

The result of the Miracle Mantra is a magnificent transformation in the mind, energy field, auric frequency and heart.  The mantra is: “Guru Guru Wahe Guru Guru Ram Das Guru” repeated five times on one breath. Simple and straightforward. This is the mantra that Yogi Bhajan received via the Golden Chain when he was in deep need. And he shared it with the world so that we too might experience that miracle.

Sit in a meditative pose, inhale deeply and pronounce each syllable clearly, repeating the entire mantra five times before inhaling deeply and calmly again. On each “R” make your tongue lightly touch the upper palate, kind of like an English “D”. The stimulation on the meridian points of your palate and tongue will actually change your brain chemistry.  This has been proven scientifically as well as emotionally. You can chant for five to thirty one minutes. Our use a mala and repeat from 11 to 108 times.

When you are finished, inhale deeply, sit still in the perfection of your inner silence, and feel the vibration penetrating every particle of your being and glowing through your auric field around your body. Exhale and inhale again three times. Then exhale and relax.

I am sharing this beautiful gem with you so that you may tap into your potential with gratitude, happiness, health, love and light. I urge you to stop pushing through life.  Just sit and meditate to the sound of still perfection, for when you vibrate at the frequency of divinity, your prayers are answered in the most profound ways.  Trust. Sing. Trust. Love. Trust your expansive infinite potential, and have faith in Spirit’s incredible love for you.  It is your birthright to live a life full of Miracles. We are One.

If you would like to chant to music there is a wonderful recording by Guru Sangat Singh that is holds the meditative focus very well.  You can also listen and chant to the many beautiful versions of this mantra that Spirit Voyage offers…..


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