The new album Sevati by Mirabai Ceiba offers yogis and teachers great opportunities for completely bathing in the Sacred Sound Current. Such a bath leaves anyone feeling divine and renewed.

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Sevati by Mirabai Ceiba

In yogic anatomy, there are 72,000 nadis through which energy flows through the human body. These nadis course through 72 major surs, or energy zones of the body. When we practice Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, these surs get a much-needed tuning. If you have ever played a violin or guitar, you know the strings are in constant need of tuning. The violin only has four strings and a guitar has six. Yogis like to think of the human body as a musical instrument that has 72 strings (surs is a word for strings). So, the human body needs much more sophisticated tuning than a guitar, violin, or even piano. We can achieve that tuning through practice of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation. We can achieve that tuning through chanting Mantra. And the album Sevati is a perfect guide in helping anyone relax into tuning up, tuning in, attuning, and in-tuning.

In my personal practice, I had been feeling deeply challenged and frustrated with practicing the Meditation to Break the Mask. But then I discovered that I could reward myself after completing the meditation by listening to Mirabai Ceiba’s “Har Ji.” Listening to this song after completing the meditation uplifts my spirits so that whatever I experienced during the meditation is now soothed and elevated to the highest levels of grace. I want to dance and celebrate and feel that my body vibrates radiance and praise. There is no one to impress. There is nothing to hide. I am ME within ME. Praise be to ME!  Free! Beautiful! Complete! Open! Ready! Happy! Please, come near me! Let’s dance! Please feel welcome, feel good, feel beautiful in your body, your mind, and your soul always and forever! Let’s be together!

Also on this album, the songs, “Gobinda Hari” and “Waheguru Wahejio” are great songs to use to accompany any rigorous exercise within any yoga kriya. These songs sure help a yogi keep up! These songs make it feel as if the vibrant strings of the Sound Current continually charge the body with boundless energy.

Rakhe Rakhan Har” is one of my favorite mantras, and Mirabai Ceiba’s version on Sevati adds more depth, more awareness, more power, and more appreciation to my relationship to this mantra.

I have used Sevati’sChatter Chakkr” Deep Relaxation Bonus track in my yoga classes for Sivasana. It is so effective for helping students get to a place of deep relaxation. I hear them snore. We rouse from relaxation thoroughly refreshed and ready to take on any meditation.

I am infinitely grateful to the Spirit Voyage family for producing another great album to expand my mantra music library.

All Love,


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