On this day, I want to connect with all of you, who are in the great journey of motherhood, and share a little glimpse of the big adventure of being a mother on the road:
When our little daughter Pema was only 6 months old, we made a short tour on the west coast. We decided to take both girls with us, and thought that we preferred to arrange local babysitters, instead of taking someone with us… This was indeed very adventurous.
Patagonia, Az, concert at 9:00PM.

The concert was going to take place in a venue that was a five minute drive from the house where we were staying; so, as the concert started late, we thought the best thing was to leave our two girls at home asleep with our hosts and their own kids. At 7:00PM we started the evening rituals with stories, nursing, soft music, caressing, etc., deeply hoping and wishing that these kids would just please fall asleep! 15 minutes before 9, all the little eyes where still open…. sensing our secret intention to leave. So we were left with the option to finally take the baby Pema and our friend to care for her with us…but of course, if one kid goes, now everybody wanted to go, even our friend’s children.  As there was no time to negotiate, we just grabbed blankets, cushions, and put all the kids in the car, and raced to the venue, where people where already waiting in front of an empty stage. We entered the room, two families with two children each, threw blankets on the floor near the stage, put the kids on them and asked them softly to please try to be quiet, and try to fall asleep. In this way, we climbed on the stage, and with a pounding heart, and a serene and smiling face, we said: “Good evening, We are very happy to be here.” and in this way we started the concert. After the first song, our daughter Alina whispered from her place, in a way that everybody in the hall could hear: “Maaaa, I didn’t brush my teeth!”

I am deeply grateful that I am able to have the experience of raising my children, while still doing what I most love. It is not always easy, but on a profound level it is deeply rewarding for us, as well as for the children. I have learned that as long as I am honest to my own hearts path, my children do great, in any situation given, and I feel it is a wonderful thing to transmit to them for their own lives.

All the love and blessing to all of you, know that we are all linked as mothers, in this great great adventure!

Hannover • May 16
Bergheim, France • May 18
Heidelberg • May 19
Bucharest • May 22
Sofia • May 23 & 26
Budapest • May 30
Bratislava • June 1
Vienna • June 2
Amsterdam • June 12
Antwerp • June 13
London • June 15
Yoga Mela, Sweden • July 2-3
Barcelona Yoga Conference • July 5
Ocean Samadhi Corfu • July 14 – 19
Mountain Samadhi France • July 28 – Aug 3
Sound & Silence , Portugal • August 8-15
Waking Woman Retreat, France • Sept 1 – 7
Konstanz • Oct 5
Dresden • Oct 9
Prague • Oct 10
Warsaw • Oct 12
Kiev • Oct 14
Riga • Oct 16
Vilnius • Oct 18
St. Petersburg • Oct 22
Moscow • Oct 23

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