Congratulations to Mirabai Ceiba, winner of the ZMR Award for Best Vocal Album of 2012, for Between the Shores of Our Souls! Spirit Voyage was at the show to accept the award on behalf of Markus and Angelika, and to celebrate the music we love with other members of the music community.  Mirabai Ceiba was nominated for Best Vocal Album of 2012 based on the votes of broadcasters who submitted Top 20 lists to the Zone Music Reporter for the 2012 year. The nominees for the category were all incredibly talented, and it is such an honor to have Between the Shores of Our Souls recognized!

The ZMR Awards is an annual event recognizing the best in New Age, World, Ambient, and many other genres of music. Traditionally held as a web event, this year ZMR took it to the next level by hosting a live show. Nominees, performers, promoters, radio hosts, and fans from around the country came to New Orleans to celebrate the music they love.  The show felt like a cross between a spiritual version of the Grammys and an extended family reunion.  Elegantly dressed nominees mingled in the lobby before the show, catching up and talking about how excited they were to have the opportunity to see the upcoming performances.  People in attendance carried markers to collect autographs from so many of their favorite members of the music community.  Hugs, smiles, and laughter were the stars of the evening.

During the show, one of the performers said that music is about much more than entertainment – it’s about our connection to each other and to something greater.  That connection is what Between the Shores of Our Souls is all about.  Mirabai Ceiba and Spirit Voyage are so grateful to all of the voters for naming Between the Shores of Our Souls Best Vocal Album of 2012, and helping to share and foster that connection with a wider audience!

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