What was your inspiration for having this track / these tracks remixed?

Markus: We met Kareem Raihani a few years ago at the No Mind Festival in Sweden and really enjoyed dancing at his Ecstatic Dance session there.

The next morning we talked and decided that it would be wonderful to do something together, and now, this year, it finally happened.

The way Kareem navigates through his ecstatic dance sessions is very intuitive and connected to the people. He opens a vast imaginary world where people can find themselves in their very own dance of the soul. We felt that he would be able to bring our music on the dance floor without losing the original space and intention, and we are very happy how the remix has turned out.

What makes this music different from other remixes done on Mirabai Ceiba’s music?

Markus: I think it’s very much designed to work for dance. Kareem has almost 20 years of dance floor experience as a DJ, and he tests all of his remixes numerous times in his sessions before releasing them.

But all of our remixes have been always different and some like it and some don’t.  It lives much from this curiosity of what kind of new window a remixer would open in our music. There is a challenge of letting go as well, and not being too attached to our original version.  We like that.

What elements were added to make it a new presentation of the music?

Markus: I think listeners ( dancers ) will hear the new elements, but for us it’s great to have this guitar/harp ostentation part half way through the track featured in a prominent way. This part is also in the original but much more in the background because of all the other great arrangements happening. Here in the remix, it becomes a main part which really drives the track forward. Nicely done.

Can you tell us about your relationship with Kareem?

Gely: We just spent a great time together with his family in Corfu, Greece. We have kids in a similar age and they connected beautifully as well.

Artistically, we inspire each other a lot, and we can’t wait to create more together. I think it’s just the beginning of a great friendship and collaboration.

What do you hope your listeners experience or learn as they listen to this track?

Markus: We hope that soon as the track starts, they would like to jump up and move their bodies and dance freely while singing on the top of their lungs Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo.

Are there any upcoming tours you can tell us about:

We will be in South America – Santiago de Chile, Montevideo, Buenos Aires, Curitiba, Bogota – and Mexico from October to November and in spring and fall 2019 we will go on a large Europe Tour again.


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