One of the things I first noticed when I started practicing Kundalini Yoga was that men were really well represented! Sure, there are still more women in most of my yoga classes, at White Tantric Yoga events, and at Summer and Winter Solstice… but not by that much! The men really have a strong voice, which I think is very important in creating a balanced community. Actually, most of them literally have a strong voice as chant artists. This male energy can set a steady and solid tone for a difficult yoga set in class or at home, or to keep you alert and awake on a long car ride. Of course, there are strong female vocalists I could mention too, but these holiday gift suggestions are all about men!


Gurunam—Silent Moonlight Meditation
The combination of Gurunam’s powerful voice, with Simrit Kaur’s elegant background vocals, is an aural treat that doesn’t fade. From hypnotically repetitive tracks like “Naam,” “Ma,” and “Aad Guray Nameh,” to original songs like “Silent Moonlight Meditation” and “Like a Calm Lake,” this album is versatile, soothing, and beautifully informed by Gurunam’s subtle ability to balance navel point and heart energy.

Ram Dass—The Alchemist’s Prayer

Nirinjan Kaur is a featured vocalist on Ram Dass’ first solo album. The blend of these two singers’ voices is uniquely beautiful. Each comes across as a sweet balance of sun and moon energies, harmoniously highlighing their individuality, making for a male-female blend that sounds refreshingly original. Ram Dass is also a producer and multi-instrumentalist. His choice of instruments and material are a joy to listen to. This a great gift for someone who, like me, enjoys listening to orchestra instruments in non-orchestra settings.

Guru Singh—Game of Chants

Must I go any further? I mean, it’s Guru Singh—one of the coolest living super-yogis on planet Earth! Joined by Seal on some of the selections, Guru Singh’s music is powerful and purposeful. Original songs like “Fortunate,” “I Am,” and “Rise Up” seem to me like the anthems of this age. While not everyone can conveniently attend Guru Singh’s weekly yoga classes in Los Angeles, everyone deserves to be reminded that “the infinite will take care of it,” to “rise up,” and that “love is here.” What more is there to know, really?

Benjahmin—Japa Man
Okay. I know this is a yoga blog, but I’m going to come our and say it: this album is seriously sexy! I have yet to listen to an artist who can make the words of Patanjali make me feel like I’m vacationing in the Caribbean. Benjahmin’s funky raggae beats and moody mantra reflections would be a welcome addition to anyone’s yoga music library–particularly if they like feeling really hip. Did I mention he does spoken word… with an English accent?

Livtar—The Sound Current

If I was asked to describe what Livtar’s music sounds like, I would save myself the trouble and just have the person listen to it. This kirtan artists is extremely creative with his choice of melodies and instruments. From industrial sounds, to violin, to pedal steel, to programmed beats, this album is a hauntingly beautiful medley of Kundalini Yoga mantras, sung by someone who has studied this technology for a long time… and it shows!


(Editor’s Note:  Need some other gift suggestions that feature men’s voice in Kundalini yoga music?  Check out these great albums!)

Namo by Gurudass

Kundalini Surjhee by GuruGanesha

Sadhana in the City by Sat Darshan Singh

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