Yoga and meditation are powerful forces; they hold their own independent spiritual authority and joined together they are a dynamic duo of spiritual practices abound.

In my circle, there is only one person I know well who started off with meditation as a spiritual practice. Pretty much everyone else I know discovered meditation after being well-versed in one or more yoga (asana) traditions. I fall into the latter; as a seriously dedicated yoga practitioner I mastered scores of yoga poses and kriyas before meditation truly came into my conscious awareness. Now, I don’t know how I made it this far along without it.

There are abundant meditation techniques and traditions that can be broken down to scientific level detail. You can meditate to music, manta, or ambient sound. Meditate sitting, supine, eyes-closed, eyes-open and on. Meditate through movement and ecstatic dance. Meditate through visualization, manifestation and prayer. The benefits to all are endless!

My early exposure to meditation was somewhat limited; in that, I perceived it as a “one size fits all” concept. After bouts of frustration and judgment in between the bliss I experienced during meditation; I began to realize I could design a meditation practice that aligned with what I needed at the present time.


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My limited awareness and perspective had mislead me to thinking that I was “failing” at meditation. What was really happening was my consciousness was expanding. The lines between failing, learning and growing had become more blurred.

Mediation: The Great Beyond

The point of discovery where you realize that mediation is vast, endless and intended to compliment and support YOU wherever you are physically, emotionally and spiritually at the present time. Exciting!

How can you discover the best meditation for you at the present time?

  • Slow down, get quiet and still (if just for a moment).
  • Ask your body what it needs. Listen.
  • Ask your mind what it needs. Listen.
  • Ask your spirit what it needs. Listen.
  • Say “Ok, thank you”.

Accept what comes forth; no judgment, no second-guessing.

There are no rules and no limitations when it comes to defining and designing a meditation practice that works for you.

What I truly need may be a super consistent 40-day sadhana or a 5-minute stretch in the bathroom at the office. Once I came into this awareness, a huge weight was lifted and I was able to truly enjoy and reap the benefits of mediation.

Meditation is a state of mind. Allow it to support YOU and it becomes a totally blissful state of mind.

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