If you’re new to meditation, or you’re simply interested in practicing single-pointed focus and creating space for more peace in your day-to-day life, this could be the perfect practice for you.

This simple meditation will help you bring concentration into action when you feel anxious or distracted. It will help you control your reactions to any situation or person. And it will bring sweetness and one-pointedness to the most scattered of minds.

Meditation for Focus and Sweetness

Posture: Sit comfortably in Easy Pose, with a straight spine.

Mudra: With the four fingers of the right hand, feel the pulse on the left wrist. Once you find the position of the strongest pulse, place the fingers in a straight line, pressing lightly so that you can feel the pulse in each fingertip.

Mantra: With each beat of the pulse, mentally chant Sat Nam.

Eyes: Close the eyes and gently focus at the third-eye point, where the eyebrows meet the nose.

Time: Continue for 11 minutes, gradually increasing the time up to 31 minutes.

You can find this meditation in Kundalini Yoga by Shakta Kaur Khalsa.



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