“The base of society ever was, is, and ever shall be woman. Therefore, each woman has to turn her own values towards gracefulness. She has to live it, and then she has to share those values with the coming generations. That is the only way we can change life from one generation to the next.” – Yogi Bhajan

Over the 35 years he taught in the United States, Yogi Bhajan constantly praised women, emphasized their importance, and shared yogic wisdom in support of their empowerment and prosperity. He taught a wide array of Kundalini yoga and meditation techniques for women to develop their inner strength, dignity, and grace.

Meditation for Balancing the Moon Centers is one of very few that Yogi Bhajan offered specifically and solely for women. It balances a woman’s moon centers, menstrual cycle, and zodiac moon cycle. It also balances the glandular system. He said it’s one of the most creative and highest meditations for a woman, and if practiced for 40 days or more, she can break any habit.

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Meditation for Balancing the Moon Centers

This meditation can be found in the I Am a Woman yoga manual.

Posture: Lying on the stomach, place the chin on the ground, and keep the head straight. The arms should be along side the body, with the palms of the hands facing upwards.

Mantra: The Panj Shabad, SAA-TAA-NAA-MAA, is the mantra used for this meditation.

Chant silently:

SAA: infinity, cosmos, beginning

TAA: life, existence

NAA: death, totality

MAA: rebirth, resurrection

Eyes: The eyes are focused at the brow point. Meditate on the sound current coming in through the crown of the head and flowing out through the third eye point, creating an “L.”

Mudra: As you mentally repeat the vibration of SAA firmly press the tip of the index finger to the tip of the thumb; on TAA press the tip of the middle finger to the thumb; on NAA press the tip of the ring finger to the thumb; and on MAA press the tip of the little finger to the thumb. The breath will regulate itself. Continue in this manner from 3-31 minutes.

Ajeet Kaur teaches an incredible course that goes deep into a women’s personal moon cycles and moon center cycles in a community of women, offering yoga, meditations, self-care rituals and more.

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