Yogi Amandeep travels the world sharing ancient yogic teachings. On a recent Yatra to the Himalayas, he shared the following wisdom with spiritual seekers who asked the question, “How do we dissolve the mind?”

These days, many contemplative practices regard self-realization to be the ultimate attainment on the spiritual path. But the ancient yogic scriptures describe realization beyond the self—the realization of cosmic consciousness. This cosmic consciousness is available to all in the here and now. The teachings say, “Sit. Be alert! The most profound revelations are often so delicate, so perfect, and so simple that we miss them. The challenge is to remain fully aware, sensitive, and receptive.”

It is one thing to be so distracted that we miss life’s truths, lessons, blessings, and gifts. It is another thing to miss the moment when we can witness our being as it is receiving a truth, lesson, blessing, or gift.

At some point we realize that beyond truths, lessons, and gifts, the more fulfilling state is to deeply relate to this ever-witnessing consciousness.

This Ever-Witnessing Consciousness is the true Friend. To access this witnessing consciousness and maintain its energy takes practice. A helpful album to support your practice of becoming consciously conscious is Yogi Amandeeep’s album Zero Gravity: Sutras of Freedom.

When we realize just how perfect it is to simply dwell in this witnessing consciousness, we move beyond efforts, hopes, and preferences; we move beyond seeking truths, lessons, blessings, and gifts. When we realize how fulfilling it is to simply relate to the Ever-Witnessing Consciousness, we can receive anything life dishes out—whether it be kisses or blows—and hold steady as the Witness and take shelter in the Friend. This is the way of dharma. Dharma opens the way for us to experience cosmic consciousness.

The ancient yogic teachings of the Cosmic Pulse offer us a way to access the realm of the Friend and the Goddess, the devotee and the One. Just close the eyes. See with the vision of the mystic. Fall madly in love with your own existence as an expression of humility, gratitude, grace, and creative oneness consciousness. Then, there may be a fascinating “Ah-hah!” moment when you understand and accept that being totally absorbed into the Goddess, devotee, and the One is an astonishing surrender into absolute stillness. This is what it means to be intoxicated with the divine. Yogi Amandeep has recorded an album that features music that celebrates this mystical state of being Intoxicated With the Divine.

Meditation to Enter Cosmic Consciousness

Here is a meditation to expand into cosmic consciousness:

  1. Sit with a tall spine. Close your eyes.
  2. Bring the hands into prayer mudra to tune in. Chant Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo three times. Keep your eyes closed and focused the eyeballs at the Third Eye Point between the eyebrows.
  3. Bring the hands into Gyan Mudra, the index fingers touch the thumbs.
  4. Bring the Gyan Mudra of both hands to touch each other, tip-to-tip together, and hold this mudra in front of the heart center.
  5. Chant this mantra Har Guru Siri Guru Wahe Guru. Chant in a quick, low mumble. The sound should be low in the throat and quick. The mantra will dissolve into a monotone drone.
  6. Keep up for 11 to 31 minutes.
  7. Close the practice with your hands in prayer mudra and chant one long Sat Naam.

Practice every day between 40 – 1,000 days and enjoy blooming into Cosmic Consciousness.

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