Happy Couple Outdoor. Jumping Family on Green FieldSome have said that marriage is the highest form of yoga. As householders (versus ascetics or renunciates), we are to engage in this world.  We should live fully feeling all of our emotions, passions, desires, dreams, and not deny or limit ourselves, in essence we are authentic human beings experiencing life with our five senses and intuition.

The Marriage Manual

One of the five Aquarian Sutras is: Recognize the other person is you. So technically, that means everyone that we meet or engage with is an extension of ourself.  With compassion and kindness our communication can go a long way and we can build bridges with our words and interactions.  How we relate to others is a direct reflection of our inner state of consciousness.  Marriage is then a big mirror continuously reflecting. How is it possible that marriage can be the most sought out experience and the one thing that can so terrifyingly difficult?

It’s a collaboration of two bodies in one united soul. It’s a constant building and altering of a ship as it sets sail over the world ocean. There are daily challenges that can be a sudden threat of mutiny, and there are days of smooth sailing over crystal waters. How do you keep the sailing smooth?

Here are my tips to stay calm when the relationSHIP is facing tough times and bad weather:

1)   Breathe! Changing your breath signature breaks the momentum of the one thought that is dominating. A little breath of fire, which consists of equal lengths of inhales and equal lengths of exhales can help reset your nervous system and bring you back to a state of balance.

2)   Say Wahe Guru or Sat Nam. Direct your mind to a powerful mantra to tap into the infinite powers to align yourself to an ancient divine sound. Whether you use a mala or just chant at least 11 times, it will help get you out of the troubled location. If you can direct your mind, you can control your world. Man Jeetai Jag Jeet.

3)   Do your sadhana. Give yourself the gift of a daily practice. A time dedicated to be with you, your soul and to really send out your prayers. Be still and just listen each day. Tune into your higher divine all-knowing self with the mantra “Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo.” Ask yourself for guidance and see what YOU say.  11 minutes of conscious breathing each day helps to connect you with the universal vibratory frequency.

4)   Remember that the other person is you. Cultivate compassion for yourself and love yourself conditionally so that you may authentically relate to others. You cannot give what you don’t have yourself.

We do not have control of 80% our lives. Do what you can and the rest we say “Wahe Guru.”






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