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There are many incredible healing modalities out there to support women’s health, and sometimes it feels great to just relax and receive a healing treatment. At the same time, there are many healing practices we can incorporate into our daily routines that don’t require going anywhere or finding a healer.

In Many Moons, Ajeet shares some of her favorite self-healing rituals to help you relax, rejuvenate, & bring a deeper awareness to your self, your cycles, and your feminine spirit.



Connecting With Your Feminine Needs & Desires

We can reconnect to our personal power and embody the Goddess within by coming back to the ancient wisdom shared by many different traditions surrounding living in our feminine bodies.

Practicing these loving self-care rituals allows us to develop a deeper understanding of what our bodies need, and to feel empowered and whole within.

In the final week of Many Moons, Ajeet shares some of her favorite self-care rituals, including Ayurvedic massage, hydrotherapy, Yoni steams, Yoni eggs. and healing plants for women.

The more we treat ourselves with love and tenderness, the more we are able to fully live in our truth, owning our power, and live as the Goddesses we are!

Don’t Miss This Once In A Lifetime Opportunity To Experience This Course LIVE With Ajeet

Throughout this course, we will be participating in three live online circles with Ajeet. We will gather together as sisters on the New Moon (July 13) the Full Moon (July 27) and the following New Moon (August 10).

This time we are able to share together is so very precious. When we unite as sisters, with love, compassion, and devotion, we can create profound and lasting change in our lives!

This is the only time that this course will be offered with these live online circles. We hope you will share this special and sacred space with us!


“Many Moons – A loving, warm and sacred space to remember our nature, connect with our cycles and the great gifts of living in a woman’s body. A sacred circle to pray with the hearts of women from all over the world.” – Gabylu, Course Participant

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